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Feb 24, 2008 07:00 PM

Lai Toh Heen w/ photos - dim sum today

My wife and I took my parents to Lai Toh Heen today for dim sum. Two years ago when we went to Lai Wah Heen downtown they were very impressed with their dim sum. Today's meal... not as much.

We were seated in the back room, although a bit cramped compared to the rooms up front, at least there was a bit of a skylight to allow some sun into the room. Otherwise, try to sit in the front if you can book earlier (we called 30 mins ahead on a sunday afternoon). The layout of the new place is really strange compared to the open roominess that I recall when it was once The Square.

We started off with a Ha Gow Shrimp Dumpling ($6 for 4 pcs), decent sized and very fresh shrimp, but you can get the same quality at O-Mei at a better price.

Rice Roll Shrimp ($4) - again lots of shrimp and some yellow chives, quite different than what you get at usual dim sum places. I would have this one again.


Sparerib & squash ($4) - ribs are quite plain as in any other dim sum, squash is well done though


Tofu Purse ($3 for 3 pcs) - slightly deep fried, rather tough in texture, sitting in a bowl of sweet and sour sauce (didn't quite match).


Deep fried shrimp egg roll ($6 for 3 pcs) - long slender sticks of spring rolls served in a tall glass, again with the same sweet & sour sauce. Skin was a touch chewy and not fried quite enough to be fully crunchy.

Foie gras dumpling ($3 per piece) - this is what I expect from LWH... beautiful presentation and quality ingredients. Very subtle flavours, so don't expect huge amounts of foie gras in this.


Saffron rice w/ shrimps & scallops ($22) - don't let the photo fool you, there's lots of very fresh seafood buried under the rice in this dish. To me the fried rice seems "westernize" such that each kernal of rice is separate (unlike a lot of other chinese places where the rice is more clumpy). Golden yellow in color but flavour is a bit lacking.


Teguanyin supreme tea was $2.50 per person. There's also a small container w/ trio of dipping sauces which include a spicy XO sauce, a black bean doban, and a soy sauce.

Overall I much prefer LWH over this location, especially having to sit in the rather cramped back room. Service was good as usual, but food quality was a bit inferior to LWH. Portions for some dishes were smallish, but only my wife was the one who left hungry (out of the 4 adults and 1 child).

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  1. Wow - that's unfortunate. We were there too - at around 1:30 - nearer the front of the restaurant. And it was great - again... I love the sticky rice...and the duckling with foie gras paste dumplings.... and the truffle one was amazingly tasty.... if you're a truffle lover, that's one to try. I love the way it's laid out, vs. LWH (which is a bit tired)... It's modern and slick and at least the waiter knows what a Cosmopolitain is - which they didn't at LWH, despite the fact that it is in their drinks menu... I think what's nice about LTH too is the location - not having to truck downtown for dim sum suits us just fine.

    1. Yes, I also much prefer LWH's environment for dim sum, I think it is much suitable. The big round table at very front section is also good with it's high ceiling.