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Feb 24, 2008 06:25 PM

Sabor Brasil - Long Branch

Mrs. Bgut1 sent me out this evening with the assignment that I bring home something nice for dinner. Boy did I have a hard time. All the typical fast food places are out. We've been doing too much sushi of late so no to Japanese. I decided to drive through Long Branch for some ideas and past by this place.

For a Sunday night, Sabor Brasil was doing a nice bit of business. Its sign outdoor consisted of chickens roasting on a spit so how bad could it be? I walked in and immediately noticed I was probably the only non-Brazilian in the restaurant. Undeterred (no pain no gain), I persisted and approached the front counter and asked for a menu. Although I was handed a menu in Portuguese, I was directed by a nice lady to this large buffet with many unfamiliar items. In her broken English she did her best to describe some of the dishes: chicken, fish, black beans, and sausage. I thought of asking more questions (i.e. how the items were cooked, etc.) but knew that due the communication gap, it would be too difficult. I decided instead to just pick out a little of this and a little of that and see what I liked.

I have to admit I had low expectations but when I finally returned home I was pleasantly surprised. I am however at a loss to describe what exactly I ate. Some highlights were the small sausages (more like a mini polish kielbasa), the black beans, a fish of some sort (in saffron maybe?), fried plantains, and this dry bread crumb and I believe beef mixture (I'm completely baffled by that one - sorry). The only disappointment was the chicken which was too dry. Otherwise, a nice find and I plan on returning to try some more of the buffet as well as the interesting desserts on the counter. I love finding places like this serving food I would not normally ever get a chance to try. Total cost for my takeout order was $7.20.

BTW, I also drove to Jack's Rib & Ale House for a rack of ribs and some wings for the Mrs. (knowing she probably wouldn't share my interest in trying some Brazilian food). Good Luck.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it. There are so many Pezaos in Long Branch its impossible to drive a block without seeing one. Which is good because I love 'em. My favs are the one in Suburban Plaza on Joline $5/$6 pound. And the one in West End next to the pharmacy on Brighton $6 pound.
    I sort of sniff to try to identify. The employees are helpful. I cant communicate well either but sort of go with it. I do recognize the chorizo (sausage things),radaba, cassava and bacallao. And next time try the passionfruit mousse.
    I like the BBQ too. Bacon wrapped chicken and pork loin ... yum.

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      Thanks Tom. After reading your post, I feel like such a noob. I guess you have to start somewhere. Come to think of it, I did notice a fried item wrapped in bacon. I will try the passionfruit mousse next time. Thanks again for the advice.

      1. re: bgut1

        Hey, "noob," (Or did you mean "boob"? lol)

        I think we're all familiar with Brazilian rodizio, but I'll bet that for most of us, yours truly included, that's pretty much the extent of our knowledge of Brazilian fare, especially the "real" food. Quite a few years ago, Mr. R. and I ate at a very nice Brazilian restaurant in NYC called Circus. The only dish I can remember having there was the classic "feijoada." Yum!

        In any event, here's a site that might help with your "education":

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          I just ask what things are and try to grasp what they are saying. Sometimes I have to ask a few times. When you walked in did everyone stop and stare at you? I will say the Pezao on Brighton has english speaking workers and all very nice. Next time you go to Jacks walk across the street and stop in.
          Actually I was there tonight. While waiting for my Jr's burgers I went in and bought 2 cups of passionfruit mousse and a piece of choc cake. I also grabbed about 10 breaded shrimp at the buffet. The shrimp cost $1.65. Then I had to go next door to the Brazilian Market to buy pineapple soda and mango nectar.
          Now I know this isnt Nicholas, Drake or Per Se but it is good home-made down-to-earth food at a low price.

      2. Sounds yummy. I was an exchange student to Brazil and really enjoy the cuisine. The bread crumb mixture you referred to is most likely FAROFA. Here's a link to a wiki entry

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          Thanks Domaine. Farofa .. that's the stuff. I enjoyed the leftovers even more last night.
          Tom - While I did get a few glances, no one stared or made me feel uncomfortable. I will definitely try the one across from Jack's on my next rib run.