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Feb 24, 2008 06:24 PM

best financial district 1st time musts

Next weekend we'll be in town for a convention. Trying to figure out dinner reservations. One night awesome steak house, preferably non chain. 2nd night - great regional or excellent ethnic -whatever!! We love great food. Plus, if there's a celebrity chef/restaurant, I'd love to try and brag (like jerk foodie) to my friends that I ate/tried their cuisine. Please, Please, I appreciate all inpute. Plus, promise any philadelphia questiuons, I'll graciously reply

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  1. If your looking to eat downtown and want steak - KO Prime is a great choice at the Nine zero hotel on Tremont St. Also if your looking for regional food you should visit the North End (little Italy) which offers many great Italian restaurants. I recommend Lucca on Hanover St.

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      Thanks for that great north east US quickness!! Cab rides aren't a problem. Plus ?? any sushi reccomendations too please

      1. re: keby

        O Ya by South Station...or more moderately price..Sakura Bana on Broad St.

    2. If money is no object than Oishii Boston is a must!!

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        If money is no object, I'd vote O Ya.

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          Thanks all!!! Boston is much friendlier than philly ( sorry to all philly guys) . It's OISHII and O Ya ?? Right. Still looking for kick butt Steak house ( not to be a bitch but, no mortons/ruth chris stuff - if possible). I'm excited already ! You are 10 X more helpful, fast, and friendly than us phillt folks. Promise we'll never steer ya wrong when it comes to our food.

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            KO Prime is very good for a steakhouse, plus you get the Ken Oringer "celebrity chef" factor.

            I like Mooo a lot, for steakhouses. They have a 21-day-aged grass-fed steak from some artisanal farm that may or may not be worth the $65 price tag, but it sure is delicious.

            Grill 23 may be my favorite steakhouse, though then you've headed out of your neighborhood. Not too far, though.

      2. I think you can expand your query to outside the Financial District, which is a bit of a dead zone for restaurants. Boston is pretty tightly laid out, easy to get around on public transport or taxis. You'll get many more interesting options if you extend your purview to the South End, North End, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, and Kenmore/Fenway areas. No reason you can't cross the Charles River into Cambridge, either, which further expands your options.

        Non-chain, local luxury steakhouses: Grill 23, Boston Public (also some good seafood and Asian options), Mooo..., and KO Prime. Lots of locals like Abe & Louie's (I'm not such a fan).

        Celeb-chef restaurants: Hamersley's Bistro ("high-end bistro"), Clio/Uni (Asian-tinged New American plus an upscale sashimi bar), No. 9 Park (creative French and Italian with a great bar), Locke-Ober (beautiful Olde Boston institution with a celeb-chef menu facelift). Avoid most Todd English restaurants (Olives, Bonfire).

        Great regional / ethnic: awfully broad. Could you pick two or three you especially like?

        1. I'm thinking based on the posts, Grill 23 for our steakhouse meal - barking crab for new england dinner & hamersly bistro for a great ladies lunch. One more question, any great sunday brunch ideas?? Thanks to all

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            eh what? How'd you come up with Barking Crab? Check out the posts on Durgin Park for your "new england dinner", or else Neptune Oyster or B&G Oysters, if you must do seafood.

            Brunch: Blue Room or East Coast Grill, both in Cambridge.

          2. Staying in the Financial District:
            Radius has the celeb factor (Michael Schlow) it is pricey and upscale but outstanding.
            Oya is a an eclectic sushi choice, also pricey.

            Chinatown is quite nearby. Call ahead for Peking Duck at King Fung Garden if you want the
            authentic Bourdainian Chinatown experience (brown bag friendly) . Kaze Shabu Shabu is an upscale hotpot experience. You might also try the Bo Bun Hue at Xihn Xihn (for lunch perhaps?).

            If you leave financial district for steak Grill 23 is the distinctive non-chain choice.
            KO prime is newer and is more hip and less stuffy. They also serve marrow.

            If you are willing to venture as far as the South End I would suggest B&G Oyster(*) for regional or Addis Red Sea (Ethiopian) for ethnic.

            * chef factor Barbara Lynch

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              Barking Crab is not a food choice, but it is waterfront. if you want a food choice right there (next door almost to the Barking Crab) Eastern Pier for Chinese seafood. Also Daily Catch for italian seafood and very boston, and though I'm not a huge fan, Jasper White's Summer Shack would be a good "boston" seafood choice. For a fun bar, good Boston food, and an easy to find Kenmore Square location, Eastern Standard Kitchen has excellent oysters and lots of other good choices.

              1. re: teezeetoo

                Ouch! Wow, I'm canceling barking crab as an idea. And check out the other reccomendations. Next for steak --- KO Prime or Grill 23?? Dealing with boring slightly stiff insurance people to entertain?

                1. re: keby

                  Grill 23 will be more of a 'safe' steakhouse to take the stiff insurance people to. Also you might want to check out Davio's for your non-chain steak-house dinner.
                  For your other dinner, you may want to consider a board favorite, the East Coast Grill (lots of posts on it) - a quick cab ride to Cambridge, then you can have ice cream from Christina's next door (we love our ice cream here!).

                  1. re: JudyHP

                    Your sweet simple reply was quite refreshing thanks a million. We're doing Grill 23 @ 6:30pm for the boring people.
                    Next, Sat. night is fun girly time with my mom, thinking eclectic seafood, maybe sushi or sushi appetizers, or french w/o out the fixed price 4,5,6,7 course dinner

                  2. re: keby

                    I have to part ways with those that are anti Barking Crab. There is nothing especially unique about the menu, but I have found it to be a fun spot to wash down fresh, simple, seafood with some cold Harpoons. I would avoid it in the summer when there is a show at the Bank of America Pavilion though.

                    1. re: Dansoxfan

                      I like the Barking Crab in the summer, but I wouldn't go this time of year. The food is kind of mediocre but it's more than made up for by being able to sit outside and have a couple of beers on a nice day. In the winter though? Not so much.

                  3. re: teezeetoo

                    I'll second this one: Eastern Pier could be fun - it does have the waterfront view, and the food ranges from great tasting "safe" american/chinese, to some wonderful authentic chinese dishes.

                    1. re: teezeetoo

                      Avoid that location of the Daily Catch! The other Daily Catch is always relaible but the one in the Moakley Courthouse is terrible, I have had two of the worst dining experiences of my 32 years here in Boston at that location.

                      1. re: TomH

                        Central 37 has just opened on Broad Street in the financial district with Chef Rene Michelena (who was one of Food & Wine's best chefs). I stopped in to check out the menu which looks very interesting. Hoping to try in the next couple of weeks as I'm a fan of Rene's cooking. In terms of steak there was rib eye on the menu and the rack of lamb caught my eye. Has anyone been in yet?