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Feb 24, 2008 06:24 PM

Brunch Fountain vs. Swann Lounge


My wife loves brunch. I was thinking about taking her to the Fountain or the Swann Lounge. They appear to be at the same location and are both are buffets with Fountain being slightly more expensive.

Which one should I pick? What's the difference between them any way?



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  1. The Fountain is ala carte entree, only the salads, appetizers and dessert is buffet style. The Swann Lounge is buffet everything. I prefer the Fountain, I think the salads and appetizer buffet is a step better and service is more adept. Also, the Swann Lounge can be overrun with kids some Sundays. So, if you were planning for a somewhat more romantic brunch, definitely do the Fountain - it's much more serene.

    I find myself filling up on the salads and appetizers and ending up taking the entree home.

    Another great brunch place is Lacroix at the Rittenhouse hotel. Buffet style also, but you get to into the kitchen for your entrees.

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      I think Lacroix is a great brunch experience! We go there somewhat regularly. The food is amazing and it is served in a most unique manner.