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CPK Salads

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I've been here many times and used to love coming here for their BBQ Chicken salad back in the day when that was their star dish besides the pizzas. They have expanded their menu these past few years, and recently added some new salads. A couple of days ago I got take out and went online to their website to check out their menu. They had pictures of most of their salads and most looked delicious. I ordered the Grilled Veggie with Rosemary Chicken on it based on how yummy the pictured looked. When I got home and actually saw the thing, I was quite disappointed. The picture showed mounds of grilled veggies. The one I got had a things of each veggie (definitely a lot smaller in reality).

What does everyone else think of the salads from here?

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  1. The salads are just okay. I tend to like very basic salads and i usually do enjoy the grilled veggie salad with grilled chicken. I also really like the thai crunch salad! Its SO good! I once tried the mediterranean salad (its fairly new) and did not really enjoy it that much.

    1. Years ago I could make a nice meal out of a CPK chopped salad and some of their bread. I think the salads have shrunk over the years.

      1. Their salads are disappointing - nothing special about them, very plain and rather bland.

        I try to stick to the pizza, but if I want something with some lettuce in it, I order the lettuce wraps - those are pretty decent.

        1. I used to like their applewood bacon and gorgonzola chopped salad, but it's not on the menu anymore.
          I recently tried the salad that has pears, candied walnuts, blue cheese, and a mustard dressing. It was actually really good, but I had them make it with romaine instead of mixed greens. It's simple, but that's how I like salad to be.

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            I love that salad, but I get it w/ goat cheese instead of the blue. i usually get a half size w/ a cup of the smashed split pea & barley soup.

          2. i still like the BBQ chicken salad - you just need extra dressing. and it is big enough if you order the full size. my husband & i actually split the full size for lunch.

            1. I was JUST going to post on a horrible experience I had regarding their salads at the Bellevue, WA location. Did not pick the restaurant and had never eaten there--was with a group. I got the mediterranean salad, which I also saw on the website and looked good. It was 13.99 so i was expecting something pretty big. It was: a smeer of hummus on the bottom, some lettuce and sun-dried tomatoes, two olives halves, two microscopic pieces of feta and some pita triangles. For $14. No chicken--chicken was 4.25 extra!!!! I asked the waitress if it was indeed the large and the manager comes over, grabs my friend's salad (which was a half salad and was much more food than mine) sticking his thumb in it in the process and holds it over mine saying "can't you see the difference in the plate size?" Cause we all know that just because the PLATE is BIGGER that it has more food. I will NEVER eat at this place again, especially this location. A gigantic rip off, and the pizzas seemed to be as well.

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                I'll stop in to CPK in my local shopping mall if I get hungry during a shopping expedition. I order the Tricolore Salad Pizza. Radiccio, arugula, some other greens, shaves of Parmesan cheese, balsamic dressing on top of a thin pizza crust. That way, I get a little salad and some fresh baked flatbread. You can get chicken or salmon added to it, but I just get it plain.

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                  the mediterranean salad is awful. I got really excited when I saw that they had added it to the menu, but when it came out it was pretty much horrible. I would never order it again.

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                    I must laugh, I've been to CPK over the past 3 years and every time I come here, Everything is perfect. Although I'm at the riverside location (CA). I sit at the bar and know the bartenders well.. I laugh at everyone here. The food always the same, they pre-measure it. If a full looks small its because at home you eat WAYYY to much. I bet the MGR was rude because you're a very needy person.
                    Sorry, The only time I see rude service is when people are rude to them first. everyone is human.

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                      Now that's a blanket statement. You cannot be serious,

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                        LOLing at "the only time i see rude service is when people are rude to them first"

                        you're right, everyone is a human- a human who can take our their issues on another human without provocation from time to time

                    2. I love CPK salads. I get soup and salad more often than I get pizza (and I love pizza). The original chopped salad and the thai crunch salad are my favorites. I don't know what is in the peanut dressing on the thai crunch, but that salad tastes like candy to me!

                      1. thai crunch, field greens (with gorgonzola), waldorf chicken (with blue dressing) are my 3 favorite salads. I get them at least as often as I get pizza or pasta. A half salad, a cup of one of the soups and an appetizer of pita bread and hummus (hopefully split with a friend).... ummm... good eating.

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                          Mmmm, they really do have pretty good hummus and pita. We get that quite often when we go. I usually get the BLT pizza when we go, which I guess is a lot like a salad on a pizza. :-)

                        2. They're alright. One of CPK's few redeeming qualities, IMHO, because it sure isn't the pizza!

                          1. My boyfriend works for a dining service and last night he brought home a Moroccan chicken salad that was ordered as a mistake. Actually, bringing it home was a mistake. It was huge but we both agreed that it was one of the most disgusting things we've ever eaten. The ridiculous amount of craisins alone were enough to turn me off but combined with the butternut squash, avocado, DATES, and egg?? mushy. gross. never again.

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                              I am absolutely in love with the moroccan salad. I think the dates are delicious and love dried cranberries.

                            2. FWIW, CPK just started posting the calorie count for all their dishes on their website, in compliance with the new California law. :)