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Feb 24, 2008 06:17 PM

best donuts in S. Jersey?

Shocking as it may sound, a friend of mine just recently discovered the delights of good donuts. She had only had donuts from DD, and thought they were so terrible that she never tried any again. I would like to give her a list of bakeries to try that serve excellent donuts. She loves the ones from McMillans in Westmont; breakfast items are something they do well (their cakes and cookies are subpar, imo). Any other suggestions in the Camden/Burlington County area?

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  1. Delicious Orchards, Route 34 in Colts Neck is known for their fresh baked cider donuts; three styles. Sold 6 to a bag. If you enjoy a moist-but-not-gooey donut with a cup of hot tea, cider or java these are an excellent choice.

    edited to add: altho not in Camden or Burlington counties, NJ folks drive (NY & CT too judging by lic plates) from miles around to shop at Delicious Orchards.

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      i had the best apple cider doughnut at johnson farms in medford - hot and fresh. mcmillan's cream doughnuts are the bomb - but i only allow myslef one a year.

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        Hey HillJ - I agree on Delicious Orchards but even better are the cider doughnuts at Battlefield Orchards off of 33 (I think?) in Freehold. During apple picking and pumpkin picking season you can get them hot. I'm good for about 6. Don't get me wrong, D.O.'s are great but getting them hot takes it up one notch.

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          angelo, u r so right! Visit DO on a Wed morning and you can see the steam inside the cider donuts bag. Want them warm, visit the coffee bar off of the back produce room. Man, time to go there myself!

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              Lol mjbarb, didn't think it was a best of poll but if McMillians donuts brighten your day-so be it.

              Delicious Orchard's cider donuts have a great following too.

      2. There is a bakery in Burlington on High Street (JB's??) that makes very good donuts.


        1. There is a little dump on Fischer Blvd in Toms River called Ob-Co's, been around for ever, all they make is donuts and usually sell out by 10am, get there early (especially in the summer)..they have the best donuts.

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          1. In Avalon, try the donuts at Kohler's Bakery, especially the "creamers", which are just outrageously good, as are their regular donuts and the sticky buns. Be warned that they are only open between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It's the only place I've found donuts worth eating south of AC.