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Feb 24, 2008 06:16 PM

The real maple syrup brunch challenge

I have been disappointed too often by "upscale" restos serving up flavoured corn syrup.

So, where do you go for brunch and get served real maple syrup with your pancakes, French toast, etc.?

(One hopes that the rest of the brunch measures up to the higher standard set by serving real maple syrup.)

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  1. Senator, Musa, Drake, Dessert Trends, Insomnia, Butler's Pantry to name a few serving some of the very best pancakes and/or french toast - all with real maple syrup.

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    1. re: deelicious

      Great list to start! Thanks. Anybody have any others to add?

      1. re: Full tummy

        You can add Bar Italia to the list for their tasty stuffed french toast and pure maple syrup. Note: Based on my one time ordering the waffles, stay away - they were pre-made and re-heated!

    2. Toba, Thuet for certain and I believe Barrio all do.

        1. re: chloe103

          Say what you will about 'em, Pickle Barrel always gives you a little bottle of real maple syrup.

          1. re: fleisch

            Wow! If PB can do it, what's wrong with the rest of these skimpers?

            1. re: Full tummy

              Daybreak at Church and Carlton also serve real maple syrup.

              This may be out of topic, but I have to mentioned this because the experience is so unpleasant. When I went to PB for brunch 2 weeks ago, they gave me dirty cutlery with dried food stuck on them. I had to exchange for 2 sets before I could have a set of clean knife and fork. Really gross me out!

              1. re: tree25

                PB at Atrium on Bay is always clean and fresh in my experience. Sherway is bad.

        2. Homeway has real maple syrup and is great.

          The Homeway
          955 Mt Pleasant, Toronto, ON M4P2L7, CA

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          1. re: furhead

            Yep, just had great french toast there on Sunday with real maple syrup. Yummy.

          2. The Rosebud for sure!!!!!!