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Feb 24, 2008 06:06 PM

Late night places to grab a bite?

Thoughts on Wiener Circle? I'm hesitant to go after a night out due to horrendous crowds. I've never been there, but will be out on a Saturday night, so wondering how it will be around 2-3am. It sounds like quite a scene though which may be interesting.

Are there any other places to grab a quick bite after a night out downtown (Vision) on the way back to the north suburbs? Looking more for the usual hot dog or italian beef joint.

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  1. Actually, now looking at La Pasadita as a possibility as well, if we're craving tacos instead of hot dogs. thoughts are welcome.

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      I'd be at La P as a first choice every time. EVERY time. There are othe taquerias all over the city that will be open, but if you are interested in char grilled skirt steak instead of pan fried garbage steak, then La P is an obvious choice. There is a place called Garcias that is a mini chain, I think, that also char grills their skirt steak, but I have never been. Most other taquerias will be crowded because they cater to the drunks who will eat anything. La P is GOOD. Even when you're sober.

      1. Wiener Circle is definitely...interesting, but it can be a fun experience.

        Bijans is kind of nice if you want somewhere that is more of a sit-down restaurant.

        1. Wieners Circle better in summer, there's not an inside really, but it's really fun.
          Pasadita, yumm and yumm.
          Sit down, White Palace Grill on Roosevelt and Jefferson (?) or Bijan on State & Huron.

          1. i guess it's between Weiner's Circle and La Pasadita, so we'll see what we're in the mood for