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Feb 24, 2008 06:01 PM

Ippudo? When?

Anyone have an update on when this new Ramen shop will open? I've heard late Feb / early Mar, but anyone know anything definite?

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  1. An article in a Japanese newspaper said late February. Only a couple of weeks ago they had a help wanted sign out front. Tonight, I saw that there is a shop sign on top of the entrance, under wraps, with the spotlights working. From a distance, we thought it was opened and rushed over. There was no indication of when it will open. Windows are filled with construction permits. I saw an interior shot in a Japanese magazine though, so they must be close.

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      The Ippudo website says it opens on March 17th and then will open on a limited basis from the 22nd and then a full on, 365-day schedule from the 31st.

    2. Their launch has been officially slated for early next week. I'm not sure if any announcement has been made, but RSVPs have gone out for the opening. "Ramen king" Shigemi Tawahara is scheduled to be in attendance.

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        Correction: Shigemi Kawahara

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          ooh thx.

          keep us posted with an exact date/time if you can.

          *** rubs hands in anticipation ***

        2. A Japanese blogger named Fujiko posted a rave review of Ippudo's soft opening calling their ramen the best in New York. The menu includes many other atypical ramen shop offerings including kushi age (fried skewers), garlic stir-fried shrimp, fried chicken, funky salads (At a ramen shop? Blasphemy!), and, brace yourself traditionalists, Americanized sushi rolls (We're going to hell!)... Sadly though, no fresh garlic, beni-shoga, and takana offered on the counter as condiment / accoutrements for your ramen. This is disappointing since Ippudo is famous for this in Japan. Below is the link to the blog, in Japanese, but with some photos.

          Grand opening is the 31st still.

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              Salads at a ramen shop!?!?! The horror!!! .... My eye started twitching uncontrollably .... But will definitely go and try out the ramen.

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              I too was disappointed by the accoutrement-less tabletops at Ippudo. The salad was truly wretched, and the grilled salmon and fried chicken perplexingly redundant. Nonetheless the shiromaru and akamaru ramen were two of the most enjoyable bowls of ramen I've had in Manhattan. Even though the noodles were overcooked, the ever so tasty spicy miso/garlic oil combo meant that it still beat off all contenders (Setagaya, Momofuku, Minca, Menkui Tei, Rai Rai Ken).

              During this "soft open" week, it looks like they're only keeping lunch hours (11am-4pm). Definitely call before you go: 212-388-0088.

            3. They switched to evening hours last night and today.
              Did not get any of the other items, but both the original shiromaru and the "modern" ramen were very good, with a really rich porky broth. Any richer and it'll be as oily as the Fuchow noodles on Eldridge.
              Personally not that big a fan of tonkotsu broth, but the flavor was very deep and not too salty. And can someone tell me what that black oil/sauce they sprinkle on the noodles is?
              Oh yes, the desserts were alright, but next time I would skip it and go to Cha-an instead.

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                I believe the oil is garlic oil mixed with some tare (sauce) and the tare depends on the type of ramen that you order.

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                  Would you make a special trip to eat there?

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                    Its a personal preference, but not now. I guess I found out for myself that I can't eat tonkotsu ramen, however flavorful and rich the soup is, everyday.


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                    I tried the "shiromaru N.Y. style" -- "tonkotsu soup with stewed pork, cabbage, and scallions" -- during the soft opening. The broth had a wonderful depth of flavor, and the noodles themselves were very thin, and firm, but the add-ins left me flat. I'll certainly visit them again, but only after they've had some time to settle into their routine.