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Feb 24, 2008 06:00 PM

Birthday Dinner Suggestions?

Looking for a suggestion for a "newer" spot (haven't been out to nice dinners much in the past two years) for a birthday dinner with a few friends -- will be about 6 of us total. Only requirements are: (i) westside"ish" location (i.e., anywhere from Hancock Park west and the Hill south); and (ii) ability to make a reservation for this Saturday (i.e., on somewhat short notice) .

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  1. for bday, i'd say chateau marmont - it's not fancy, but it's a fun place and has a new chef in the bar.

    for real dinner
    dan tana's is fun - but not sure if you can get in w/a week's notice
    fraiche in culver city gets a lot of good reviews
    josie in santa monica is usually available
    my friend just had dinner at bastide and said it was amazing (although liked orlaton better)
    craft in century city is really very good. i like the sides better than the mains.

    1. tasca is good for a group and is "newer"
      hungry cat
      table 8
      luna park isn't new but it's a fun place for a bday dinner
      wilshire is on the newer side
      again not necessarily newer, but via veneto for dinner and the huntley for drinks afterward