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Feb 24, 2008 04:47 PM

Another Bar Harbor Question - Best Lobster Roll?

Okay, now who has the best lobster roll in Bar Harbor? It seems to be on every menu.

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  1. The best lobster roll is ... not in Bar Harbor. Drive over to "the quiet side" of the island and have one at Thurston's Lobster Pound in Bernard on the west side of Bass Harbor. Yummm, can't wait for June.


    1. The Thirsty Whale has one of the best and least expensive in downtown Bar Harbor. The clam chowder is really good, too. Plus, I just like bars.

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        Yes, The Thirsty is a deal for BH. A lobber roll and a bowl of clam chowder for 12 bucks. Also down on West St. is a small shack w/ lobster rolls. But as Moria says, I too would like to saddle up to a bar. And the Thirsty Whale is important to us locals as it is open all year, is a place to unwind and even has entertainment in the winter. Lobster rools are pretty ubiquitous, even the McDonald's in Ellsworth has lobster rolls for like $3.99! Just know that on the Island, you will pay a premium price.
        We're spoiled by Joshy's Place downeast in Milbridge and their 6 buck lobster rolls and 5 buck crab, scallop, clam or shrimp rolls. Take them and your fav. beverage and go sit on the rocks at McClellan Park on a beautiful day. Only a 2 hr. beautiful drive from BH. Consider it.

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          FYI.....McDonalds all over New England have lobster rolls during the summer, not just in Ellsworth!

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            Yes, first time I ate a McDonal's lobster roll I was shocked. It was really good.

          1. Yup, get off the island and head for Tidal Falls in Hancock. There's a fairly easy shortcut so you don't have to go into Ellsworth. Realllly fresh lobster and a gorgeous spot - picnic tables overlooking reversing 'falls' - really tides. There are almost always seals swimming around. Last year, at least, they added barbeque and other very good stuff.

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            1. re: Tipatina

              AAAAAmen! You forgot to mention that it is also BYOB. They even give you real glass wine glasses! My wife has her birthday celebration there every July. An added benefit, in my greenie opinion, is that Tidal Falls is now owned by The Frenchman's Bay Conservancy, a nonprofit that buys private lands and opens them up to the public. The office is on the second floor. Go upstairs, say hi to Barb and learn about this wonderful organization, if you wish. Be forewarned, the mosquitoes are wicked at sunset. If you want to sit outside, cover up and bring bug dope.
              Finest place(5 Islands Lobster pound too?) I know on the coast of Maine.
              We regularly see bald eagles, and kayakers surf the falls.

              1. re: Passadumkeg

                Doesn't the place (Tidal Falls) make you so happy every time? It's the only place I can think of where it's even terrific to watch kids running around and playing while you eat. And no matter how many people are there, it never seems crowded and there's always a table. We ask for contributions to FBC in lieu of Christmas gifts and have remembered them fondly in our Wills. See you there this summer!

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                  I'm envious of my wife, she has been going to Tidal Falls for over 50 years! On the drive up, in Thomaston there are 2 water side lobster pounds, Waterman's and Morse(?). Haraskeet in Freeport. Even the Union River Lobster Pot in Ellsworth. Should do a post on water side lobster pounds. The view is really important to me. Can't stand eating next to a busy road (Red's? Trenton Bridge?) If it's a beautiful day take the ferry from NE or SW Hbrs. to the Wharf Restaurant on Little Cranberry Island or if you're really into it to Frenchboro Island. That's would make it a very memorable experience.

              2. re: Tipatina

                Ah, yes I'll 2nd that. Forgot about Tidal Falls.

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                  Hey, is true that the Pink Adobe has gone corporate? The Shed & The Compound are still in Sante Fe, how about The Periscope? Bring me some Chimayo chiles!!!

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                    Here's the scoop on the Pink Adobe from the 7/4/2007 issue of the Santa Fe Reporter:

                    "After being sold to the folks who own the Inn of the Five Graces (behind The Pink) and closed for renovations since the beginning of May, this Santa Fe icon reopened last week. Initial reports are still coming in, but the word on the street is that former owner Rosalea Murphy’s legendary apple pie is still on the menu. Sorry, folks, the Dragon Bar is still under renovation so you’ll have to wait a few more weeks before resuming your regular happy hour rounds."

                    Don't know anything about The Periscope nor does the SFR quoted above.

                    How many bushels do you want :-)


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                      I got one of my master's degrees at UNM on 4 bushels of chiles( 2 red, 2green) form Coralles, when it still had farms, and 100lbs fo pinto beans. No lie! Bring as much as you can. Chile rellanos ttonight!

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                        Gonna be awhile, I don't get there 'til late May. Maybe June this year if I help a friend sail his boat from the Cheasapeake.

              3. I love the lobster roll at Docksider in Northeast Harbor..very casual place, but their lobster rolls are outstanding