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Help! Want to make enchiladas tonight - wrong tortillas!

I have everything I need (I think) to make homemade enchiladas tonight except for the fact that I have flour instead of corn tortillas - I'm supposed to stuff them with cheese, chilies, adobo and leftover chicken and then roll and top them with more cheese and enchilada sauce - will the flour tortillas wind up falling apart in the oven? Thanks!

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  1. Nah, you'll be ok if you warm them first so they don't break during rolling.

    Something I like to do to add a little more flavor is to stuff them, then grill them in a non-stick pan, turning once. The little extra sear is a nice addition.

    1. Could i suggest that you forget that flour tortillas are available for anything but fajitas or chimis which are Texmex not Mexican? There is no way you can make an enchilada with the flour things. A lot of websites would like to make you think it is possible but something rolled up in enchilada fashion and sauced are enchiladas. Enchiladas made from a flour cake are nothing more than a bad food stylists figment of imagination

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        Thank you both - two very different opinions - still considering what to do...might just try it and see how it goes...

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          Look, it may not be "authentic" but for crying out loud, there is no reason you can't use them as a substitute, especially if there are no corn tortillas to be had.

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            Ok, that does it - I do think, though Candy I'm sure is correct in that flour ones are not authentic, seems like they will be good in a pinch - thanks for all the input....although now I'm considering making them plus a mexican stew for the week - will put up another post if anyone has tried it and can give me any feedback - thanks again!

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            Aside from them not technically being enchiladas as per Candy, I do think you'll still have a perfectly good dinner using flour tortillas. Not like you're using tofu and spinach to stuff them with, you're just using a different type of tortialla! So you're having texmex tonight instead of mexican, big deal!

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              Hang on a second....tofu and spinach stuffed tortillas.....that's not a bad idea.... :D

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                Pylon, a local tex mex place here makes a "burrito" like that! That's where I got it from lol.

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                my 'midwestern' brother makes great 'enchiladas' using flour tortillas. The filling, sauce and love make up for the lack of corn. Sure, they taste different, but they are still great.

            2. Actually I use flour tortillas every time I make enchiladas (I guess it's more of an "enchirito"), just because the roll easier. I got the idea from my sister, and DH and I think they are fantastic.

              1. Going whole enchilada route - dipping the tortillas in sauce, rolling them, and baking them with a sauce probably isn't a good idea, since they are likely to disintegrate. However warming the tortillas so they are pliable, rolling them around a filling, and then serving them with sauce on top will work. This what a taqueria might call a 'drowned or wet burrito'.

                While 'enchiladas' are normally made with corn tortillas, there isn't anything in the name that demands that. It just means 'with/in chile', with out specific mention of the item that is dipped. The name changes when the sauce is more tomato based, or beans (entomatada, enfrijolado).


                1. No problem! Look up chalupas or chimichangas, and you got authentic Mex w/ same ingredients.
                  Living in Norway, I once made enchiladas w/ lefsa (potato flour thin pancakes), yuck! FLOUR OR CORN DOES MATTER!
                  Starbucksbrew, don't eat Mex in Bar Harbor!
                  New Mexican Food Snob

                  1. My family prefers my enchiladas with flour tortillas so you'll be fine. I first warm them up on a comal so they'll be easier to fold. You can dip them in sauce after warming or not but I find them too dry if I don't. Stuff and pop in the oven. Leave the lid off the pan or take it off part way through the baking if you're having a problem with too much moisture. Good stuff.

                    1. You can always layer the tortillas and filling and make an enchilada stack. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using flour instead of corn. You may end up liking flour better. Who cares if it's authentic or not, as long as dinner gets cooked and it tastes good.

                      1. Corn is better, but flour will do just fine.
                        I suggest that you make stacked enchiladas instead of rolling them.
                        In west Texas and New Mexico folks will use an oven-proof plate arrange the tortillas like this-sauce on plate, then tortilla, filling, cheese, tortilla, sauce, filling, tortilla, sauce, cheese. Put the plate in the oven until the cheese and sauce are bubbly. Sometimes this is finished with a fried egg on top.

                        1. Make an enchilada casserole -- just layer the ingredients.

                          1. I make them with whole wheat flour torillas all the time. (I perfer the baby-sized ones) And if i may toot my own horn, they are freakin' awesome. :)

                            I don't even know if I can get corn ones at my grocery store. I never really looked.

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                              I would never live anyplace where you could not get corn tortillas!

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                                When I use flour tortillas, I prefer the uncooked kind you have to heat on the stove. (Of course they have them in Arizona--'My Nana's' brand is the best; they come sealed in a pack and are as thin as crepes, you just have to heat them until bubbly in a non-stick pan). The results are fabulous, as they take on a softer but definitely not soggy form. I've made enchiladas with store-bought flour tortillas which turned out soggy at times/okay at times. Corn tortillas are a pain to work with but give good results overall (more 'authentic'--whatever). I usually buy the uncooked flour ones when I don't feel like hassling with small, somewhat delicate corn tortillas that flake and break even if you dipped them in sauce.

                            2. So....how did they turn out???

                              1. I never use corn tortillas. hate them. I have always used flour tortilla warps and never a problem. Even my make my own chips with flour tortillas. All mexican restaraunts in the area use flour tortillas for their enchiladas here in Ind.

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                                  Well, what can you say? It's Indiana after all. ;)

                                2. I'd make chimichangas and top with the sauce and/or guacamole.

                                  1. Corn tortillas are most traditional for most dishes. It's only Yanquis who insist on wheat flour tortillas <grin>

                                    Heat each corn tortilla for 5-10 seconds in the microwave and rool them while they're still warm, and you should have no problems. O make enchiladas a couple times a month with corn tortillas.