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Feb 24, 2008 04:16 PM

Eno Terra - Kingston NJ

Does anybody know what's the buzz on this place? I thought it was opening in March '08, but... not a peep lately. I like most of the other Terra Momo places, and I like the concept for Eno Terra.

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  1. Drove by last night and spoke to Carlo Momo - one of the owner's. They're opening Saturday 9/13. Website front page is up. Can also register for more info.

    1. Called them last night. They are "soft" opening on 9/15 and taking limited reservations. The place looks beautiful! Can't wait!

        1. re: RPMcMurphy

          We went the opening week. I didn't post anything because it was only the first visit and since it's so close by, we'll be going back to sample more of the menu.

          I agree with frackit that it's design and atmosphere are great. However, the meal wasn't all that special. We paid a lot ... $193 for two people - sampling wines and different dishes. Unfortunately, the best were those items that weren't cooked including the Salumi and Formaggi (outstanding) and the Bent Spoon gelato! Sausage sampler entree was meh, Pork chop was OK but nothing memorable.

          There's a lot to choose from here, it's all locally sourced and deserves a second (for pasta) and third (for their tasting menu) visit. I see us returning again soon.

        2. We had dinner at Eno Terra the opening weekend, since I live less than a mile away. By Princeton standards, this restaurants is fabulous. The atmosphere is one of the most comfortable in the area. The bar/lounge area, with the glass-enclosed wine storage and exposed beams, is a step above anything around here. Eno Terra is a very special place and one that will no doubt be very successful in this area. Highly recommended.

          1. This "upscale newcomer" touts local and organic seasonal foods, and has a lot of pretentiousness upon entering the building.
            The food was well below decent, and I will not return. The mushroom bruschetta, while tasty, was served fridge-cold, really too cold to enjoy. The skirt steak (at $36) was burnt and bitter, with stale corn bread and chard that was cold and, also, bitter. The super-hyped gnocchi was bubblegum-soft and bland, with cualiflower completely dominating the dish.
            Desert (peach-cranberry cobbler) was plain, just decent, but can only be ordered for two. To top it off, the cappuccino looked and tasted like soapy water, and the espresso was cold, flat and tasteless. Both coffees were re-made, with only little improvement.

            The service was sub-par, pretentious, clumsy. The Maitre D made us feel unwelcome for being 10 minutes late, repeatedly. And your valet-only parking is clearly because you lack sufficient parking spaces. We could hardly get out of the lot. Shame.

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              I'm surprised. We went with another couple who ended up being over 1/2 hour late (soccer practice ending late) and they were very gracious about it. We sat for quite awhile with drinks, and they never made us feel like we were imposing.