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Feb 24, 2008 04:15 PM

Tinker's Downtown Hartford

So, there's been a banner up on Main St Hartford on a storefront across from the newly-remodeled library (gorgeous, go see if you haven't yet) that says "Tinker's Seafood, Coming Fall 2007". Anyone know what's up? Those of us that live in the 'hood are always looking for somewhere new to eat within walking distance...

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  1. I cant shed any light on the move to Main st. But I have eaten in the one on new park ave. and the food is very good ,the price is very good, the ambiance is very bad, So if you can overlook the interior its worth the trip. for lunch. Earle Ct.

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      I don't think they are moving, from their, um, charming, but de-lish West End spot. I think it's supposed to be a "branch office". But when, oh when? We be a-hankerin' for some fish-n-chips!

    2. I heard today that it's just a second location. Parking is terrible there though, it seems like such an odd spot to put it. Not sure how much lunch traffic it would get. I guess some, but how many days a week can you eat fried seafood?

      1. We love the one in NH - great seafood market too with sushi grade tuna and salmon. I love their steamers, very sweet and don't have to wait until summer.

        1. FYI, they also have a location somewhere in Bristol, CT.

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            That Main Street location has historically not been good for restaurants. For the most part, seafood restaurants do not fare well in downtown hartford. I used to be a line cook at Pastis, to me, Sally's Fish Camp is Pastis with a somewhat different menu.

          2. Update - They opened Thursday. I didn't find out until after I had already had dinner at Peppercorns down the street, but went in with a neighbor for a drink and to nose around. The staff was more than happy to give tours. The place was about half full at 9pm, many from the neighborhoods, and a fair number that were likely "friends of staff". About half the servers were from the West End Tinkers, probably since they know the menu (which is about 75% the same as West End) and definitely know the ropes. Smart move on the owners part. There is an upstairs bar and a few booths and bar tables, then downstairs there is another smaller bar as well as some more booths and lots of tables. The downstairs probably seats 70. Kind of an industrial look going on, with exposed brick, concrete floors, wire-cage lighting, an in-wall waterfall and saltwater fishtank (for display, not for eating), I didn't care for the lighting (ambiance, not fixtures, the fixtures were cool). The upstairs bar is the old one from the Muni ("The Municipal", which was next door to where this place is and was ripped out for a Dunkin Donuts). We sat at the bar but didn't eat, however, everything that was served to those around us smelled delicious and looked to be generous portions. Will go back for dinner sometime this week.