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Feb 24, 2008 04:11 PM

Best North End Restaurant

Looking for the best place to take a date in the North End. We're both pretty big foodies, and have done the South End thing alot, but looking for something a little more hole-in-the-wall or homey/romantic.

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  1. Prezza or mamma maria top of my list

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    1. re: OLDCHEF

      Ditto. I also like Taranta.

      Carmen and Terramia are also favs of mine and more "hole-in-the-wally" and romantic.

    2. Prezza and Terramia get my votes too

      1. Neptune is fantastic, and I'll also vote for Taranta

        1. Taranta or Mamma Maria without a doubt

            1. re: nasilemak

              prezza, neptune, marco, brico in that order, imho