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What are some new restaurants in NY with great food? Don't care about price or type of cuisine.

Hi. Ex-New Yorkers heading back for a visit and trying to branch out from the old standbys. Looking for some interesting new restaurants with great food. Would like some atmosphere, but food first and foremost. Some old-time favorites to give you an idea of what we've enjoyed in the past: Il buco, Blue Ribbon Sushi, Craft, Lupa, Otto's (pretty much all the Batali's are fun if not the "best" food ever).

I saw an interesting article on the Little Owl (which isn't new, but I haven't tried it) but heard it's good but overrated. Appreciate any advice and looking forward to finally heading back after a couple years.

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  1. There’s been both yea and nay on Dovetail (I’m in the yea corner), which recently got a 3-star review in the Times. Certainly worth looking into.


    1. peasant lower east side, perelli, gramercy tavern,

      1. I don't think Little Owl is overrated. As far as I'm concerned, it's good, period.

        The bistro-like comfortable ambiance, the efficiently-good and non-intrusive service and the very good comfort foods had made multiple returns for us. The pork chop entree, the meatball sliders and the beignet dessert are just some of the dishes that makes this restaurant tough to get a reservation at.

        1. Little Owl is very good, just not good enough to justify the difficulty of reserving. Perilla, Bar Blanc, Dovetail, and Allen and Delancey are some others that are well worth trying, though they are getting difficult to reserve as well. If you liked Otto and Lupa, why not try Crispo. Not new but the food is wonderful and it's easy to get a res. L'Impero is not new but got a new chef 6 months ago and is doing very well.

          1. I regularly enjoy your old-time favorites.

            You might want to check out the new Blue Ribbon Sushi & Grill near Columbus Circle-- I loved the Yasei Kinoko- a mushroom salad with tamari butter.

            My two favorite new restaurants are 1) Perilla, on Jones Street-- it has a warm, sophisticated feel, and I've found that the service and food are top notch. Also 2) Soto, a new Japanese on 6th Ave near Waverly-- def try the citrus salmon and the steamed minute tai. We were just there on Friday night and everything we tried left us awed.

            Have fun and welcome back...

            1. Would also say Little Owl isn't overrated.

              In same vein, try Market Table.

              Also a fan of Perry St., the Jean-Georges joint.

              Also, for cheap eats, try Sangam. :p Though I'm a sucker for that place.

              1. Thanks everybody and they sound like great recommendations. May reconsider Little Owl as those meatball sliders sound pretty amazing. Looking forward to researching the others as had not heard about them.

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                  Little Owl is great, and I just had a suberb meal at Market Table (sister property). Lamb Shank there is yum. Both are in the West Village and have a similar feel. These in addition to Perilla and Allen & Delancey are definitely the current CH downtown favorites. I would do one, not all.

                  For a higher price tag, Eleven Madison Park is a great bet. Daniel Humm took over while you've been gone. A Voce, also nearby, serves great Italian. I absolutely love it although you will see complaints re: dining room noise.

                  Lastly, Momofuku Ssam Bar!! Surprised I am the first to suggest. Go for the pork buns and a ssam. David Chang is doing wonderful things with pork!

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                    I think ssams (at least the burrito ones) are gone from ssam. Kind of ironic...

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                      Your recs are great. I pinged my SO's brother and he came up with some similar (Allen & Delancey and Momofuku). Would Ssam Bar be a good lunch spot?

                      Also, thoughts between Little Owl, Market Table and Blue Hill Restaurant if we had to choose one of three?

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                        Ssam Bar is actually best for dinner and not particularly good for lunch because all the great dishes are only available in their dinner menu.

                        I will totally go with Blue Hill over the other two. I think Blue Hill is overall a level (or more) better.

                  2. If you want to try another Batali that you haven't already, try Spotted Pig - it's not exactly new and I realize he's just a partner and not cooking but it's a lot of fun. Good atmosphere, great burger, great beer. Go early to avoid the dinner wait or since you're visiting, it's a good place for a leisurely lunch.

                    For cozy Italian, I second the Crispo rec - solid food - and also suggest Apizz on the LES if you haven't been already. The wild boar lasagna and short ribs with gnocchi are both amazing.

                    1. Allen and Delancey. and I second Peasant. Why would you leave NY? what do you eat now?

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                        Fortunately on the left coast so plenty of good food in SF (and a good restaurant or two in Napa)

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                          Blue Hill is amazing, but Little Owl is more down home. Market Table is new so still working out jitters. Between the three, I might try Blue Hill for Saturday Dinner and Little Owl for Sunday Brunch