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Feb 24, 2008 02:44 PM

CSA in Westchester

I just finished reading In Defense of Food and am wondering about CSAs in Westchester. I browsed for old threads without much luck, and was wondering if anyone has any recent experiences with a CSA easily accessible to mid-Westchester. It's just me and my boyfriend, so I don't know if it would be too much food per week.

I found Roxbury Farm (pickups in Mount Kisco and White Plains stilla vailable) and (pickup in Buchanan). I love the farmer's market in Ossining (opening May 31!), but I wonder if having the produce selected for me will force me to expand my palate, and I like the idea of being a part of the process (without actually using my totally not green thumb).

Any info is appreciated!!!

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  1. I belong to the one in Buchanan, which probably isn't all that convenient to mid-westchester. I've been very happy with it, but as I and others have said on threads of this sort, belonging to a CSA does change your way of thinking about menu planning and cooking. The one in Buchanan runs from mid june to Thanksgiving, and obviously, the vegetables you get vary enormously over that time, since the food is grown in New York state (about 2 hours north of me). I have a family of four (with kids 11 and 14) and the amount is "just right" so it may well be more than you can use unless you are nearly vegetarian (we aren't).

    1. i may be interested if you find one with meats and poultry as well as produce that can be close to tarry/irvington. I've only found a very expensive one online- ridiculous!

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        actually the one in Buchanan offers meat and poultry through http://www.csapasturedmeatandpoultry.... once a month, year round. Also cheese, eggs, bread, and other things. It's not cheap, but of course that's because it's not coming from a "factory farm"

      2. I've been a member of Roxbury Farm's CSA for years and just love it. We have definitely learned to embrace new veggies, which has been great. Most weeks, I don't think a share would be too much for 2 people, as long as you both like veggies. The midsummer haul is quite substantial, but often go to the farmer's market to fill in the gaps.

        1. Not about Westchester CSAs, but if you think it will be too much food... think about splitting a share with someone else. While the volume of food won't be too much, in theory, I think the quantity of certain foods might be more than you'll use. (e.g., for me, getting a gigantic bunch of swiss chard in one week is great, but takes some dedication to use it all up... both on the cooking side and on the consuming side). Depending on the CSA, they may keep a list of folks interesting in splitting shares.

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            I'm not in Westchester either ... but here in Manhattan some CSAs actually offer 1/2 shares. You can always ask about that as well.

            Having just finished a winter CSA for just DH and me, I understand the concern about too much food. We found that we struggled to use up some things before the next pick up (in fact I still have a huge bag of carrots that I've not managed to get to).

          2. Thanks so much for all the replies! All this info is very valuable and I'll share it with my boyfriend. The book's really motivated me to make some changes in my eating lifestyle, and this would certainly be a step in the right direction. I might look into half shares as some of you suggested, though I will definitely have time this summer to spend a lot of time cooking so maybe the whole share would work out. Thanks again!!

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              We also belong to the Roxbury Farm CSA, and have really enjoyed it. I think if you have the time to cook and really "play" with the produce you get, a whole share wouldn't be unmanageable for 2 people - we are a family of 5, but 3 of us are ages 5 & under, so they don't really eat all that much and it works out fine. Varies hugely over the season, and they do offer some meats during the year (primarily pork & mutton right now but I think they are in the works to do more soon). They do sell out though, so if you are interested I would sign up sooner rather than later. My only "problem" time is during the fall when a lot of the root vegetables are in season - they aren't my favorite, but I've started distributing them among friends when I know I won't get through them, and they appreciate it and then they won't be wasted!

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                There's a CSA that delivers to Tarrytown that also has 1/2 shares. There isn't any choice (take it or leave it) but the veggies were very fresh. Contact for more information.

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                I'm glad you asked about this, I'm practically a farmer's market groupie and I looked into CSA's about a month ago but couldn't find much specific to Westchester on CH. There seemed to be a lot of CSA's in general and I wasn't sure if some were better than others.
                I was also concerned about too much food during the peak weeks (it is only my husband, myself and our 10 month old) and what to do if on vacation, etc. If you think you might be interested in doing a half share let me know. I'm in Bronxville but wouldn't mind travelling as far North as Mt. Kisco.

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                  SweetPea-- we are also in Bronxville and might be willing to try this CSA thing, particularly since my husband has be trying to find a supplier for mutton for a while, and I noticed it mentioned here...