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Commercial chocolate chip cookies -- my current fave

I found a brand at the local health food store, and they're really good. Brent & Sam's. They're crisp, but real; seems like real butter and unbleached flour in there. Better than any supermarket variety I know.

Not the fakey low-fat health food type cookie, just really good quality.

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  1. i can't vouch for them myself because i've never tried them, but i have several friends who swear by "uncle eddie's" vegan chocolate chip cookies. oh, and none of them are vegans, and the nutritional value of the cookies is far from low-fat health food.

    1. try the brent & sam's key lime white chocolate chip flavor... stellar.

      if i'm gonna indulge, i love a good Costco choc chip nuked in the micro for 10-15 seconds til warm and gooey... frankly, all of their cookie flavors are awesome.

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        I love Costco cookies from the bakery section too. But have you seen how much "hydrogenated oils" are listed in the ingredients? Every time I try to eat one now I think of the trans-fats :-(

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          if i'm indulging in cookies like that, im more focused on the fact that my gluten intolerance is going to produce undesirable responses... the trans-fats are the least of my worries, but thankfully, i oh so rarely ever get to ingest them in that ooey gooey manner.

      2. All Brent & Sams cookies are made in Little Rock, AR and are some of the best "store bought" cookies you can buy. Years ago, you could only find them in gourmet stores around town but now they've hit the big time and they are available nationally. It is a "homeade cookie" recipe though.

        1. Have you tried the Trader Joe's ones in the tub? They are a little crumbly, kinda remind me of Mother's "angel chocolate chip" (rip). They are really buttery with a LOT of tiny chocolate chips.

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            I really love those. Buttery + chocolatey = good. The best packaged chocolate chip cookie I ever had was Van de Kamps (RIP). Those and their Dutch Girl cookies were a couple of the best cookies I've ever had.

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              Van de Kamp's are the best. I miss the assortment pack that had the pink shortbread, etc. But I do still get to enjoy those milky chocolate mini donuts!

          2. Sorry if this answer makes me seem like a junk food junkie, but I love Famous Amos, especially the bite-size ones. That's a great cookie, with a perfect balance of sweet, salt, chocolate and nuts. Perfect crunch too.

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              I have to agree. Famous Amos rules! I like my chocolate chip cookies crunchy.

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                when i was a kid i used to buy a bag of famous amos at the corner deli every tuesday & thursday as a snack before hebrew school. i can't believe i remembered that!

                the brand of choice in our house was chips ahoy, but only because my mom bought them for my dad & brother. i preferred famous amos...or when i wanted soft ones, freihofer's.

                and in high school, they always sold those 3-packs of linden's chocolate chip cookies. i loved the crisp-chewy texture, but as i recall they always tasted a tiny bit stale.

                i can't recall a single chocolate chip cookie i've tried in recent years - either commercial OR homemade - that even comes close to the gluten-free ones my friend makes with pure irish butter, organic sugar, callebaut chocolate and espresso. they're so obscenely good they should be illegal. she's trying to get them on the market, and if she manages to, i can promise they'll be everyone's favorite.

            2. Trader Joe's Frozen Choco Chip Cookie dough balls. They come in a pack of 12 for about $4 and I just preheat the toaster oven and make ONE when I am craving an awesome, warm, soft, melty chocolate chip cookie.

              1. I remember how classic Famous Amos tasted when I was a kid and the company really was a small bakery owned by Wally Amos. Brent & Sam's taste identical to what I remember. Fantastic!

                Today's Famous Amos taste like what they are. A big time food conglomerates attempt at a classic homemade recipe. Not bad, but nowhere close to the original.

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                  Brent & Sam's are so amazingly good that I can't have them in the house.

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                    haha, I've got the same problem! I love the Brent & Sam's Rapberry Chocolate ones

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                      Presidents Choice Decadent are really good..

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                    I agree with you on Famous Amos. I don't know if it is just me but I noticed something very artificial about taste. I couldn't pinpoint what exactly that is, but it just doesn't taste like fresh cookies to me.

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                      unfortunately, wally amos was forced to sell the company many years ago due to financial trouble, and once he was gone, they ruined his product.

                  3. Hope they are still in business, but when we lived in the Chicago area, Matt's choc chip cookies were the best commercial cookie. Do they still exist?

                    1. Have to throw chips ahoy in the mix. Grew up dunking my chips ahoy in milk. Best snack after school.

                      1. I discovered these a couple of years ago and they are the only cookies I buy... I like Tate's too but I think they're overpriced. Anyway, you MUST buy the PURE NATURAL style cookies, though. I accidentally bought a regular package and they tasted completely different. I thought, WTH?? Why do these taste so... fake buttery? and read the ingredients.. it listed "natural flavoring" rather than BUTTER! The difference was remarkable. I was really irked and even considered writing them a nasty email, thinking they are cutting corners.

                        Next time I went to the store, I saw both Pure Natural and regular and compared the ingredients - REAL BUTTER in the Pure Natural. Makes a world of difference.

                        Anyway, yeah, they're pretty awesome.

                        I liked Chips Ahoy & Famous Amos growing up but then somewhere along the way, I began to detect the difference between real butter and the fake stuff. I can detect margarine/fake butter flavoring in almost anything, no matter how subtle, and find it almost gag-inducing.

                        1. Yoku Moku's are my favorite cookies. They are AMAZING! I couldn't duplicate them at home. Wally Amos came to talk to my IP law class and he said that Nestle(?) bought the company years ago and completely changed the original recipe. That made sense to me because I too loved Famous Amous cookies growing up, but thought the recipe had changed. His new company was noname. "No name" was a reference that he couldn't use his name anymore because he sold it to Nestle. He brought sample and it definitely tasted like the old Famous Amos cookies, but with slight modifications (he sold the recipe and thus, couldn't just duplicate it). I too love Uncle Eddie's peanut butter chocolate chip, but I wouldn't buy it outside of California. They don't have a long shelf life and when I moved to Texas and bought them, they were terrible. It's organic and without preservatives, so they do not travel well. They should just sell the frozen dough to bake at home.

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                            President's Choice The Decadent Chocolate Chunk Cookie!! I friend ships me boxes from Canada! Love them!

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                              My sons absolute favorite cookie growing up was Keebler Chocolate Chip Coconut. Haven't seen those in years.