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Feb 24, 2008 12:57 PM

Best local spin off?

A recent thread asking about the worst local spin off had me thinking about what are the best. I know there are plenty of Boston chefs and restaurateurs who have expanded their business successfully (from a Hounds perspective not just a financial perspective) and I'd be interested in hearing what you all think. One that comes to mind immediately for me is No. 9 and then B&G (although it does seem like Butcher Shop might be an outlier for Barbara Lynch?). Others?

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  1. Pigalle-Marco come to mind.

    L'Espalier- Sel de la Terre (waterfront)

    1. Clio - Toro
      Mistral - Sorellina (I actually prefer the latter)
      Arrows - MC Perkins Cove
      Radius - Via Matta (prefer the latter)
      Flour - Myers+Chang
      Miracle of Science - Audubon Circle
      Icarus - Ashmont Grill (I'm a rare fan here, I think)
      Costello's - J.J. Foley's Cafe
      Metropolis/Aquitaine - Union
      Torch - Stella
      Lala Rokh - Bin 26
      Lucca - Sasso
      Rangoli - Bhindi Bazaar
      Mon Tien - Chilli Duck
      Olives - Figs (prefer the latter now)
      Oishii Chestnut Hill - Oishii Boston

      1. Ginza Boston -> Ginza Brookline -> New Ginza, Watertown.

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        1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

          I may be wrong but I don't think New Ginza/Watertown is part of the "family."

          East Ocean City and Fugyaku are related.

          1. re: 9lives

            maybe a type of relation. Years ago during my first visit there, the maitre'd explained to me that the Watertown location was owned by a group of 'investors' which included those who founded the original Ginza, although the founders' share was a minority interest.

            But ownership could have changed since then, and I could be wrong also.

            1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

              If it's good, it's good. I do know that New Ginza was getting delivery from very well thought of raw fish wholesalers.

        2. Summer Shack, though it catches grief from me and others really isn't so bad. I wasn't here for Jasper's earlier restaurant(s?) but I had heard of him thanks to Julia Child.

          Kingfish Hall could be considered another success.

          Would Locke Ober be considered a "spin-off," maybe this is taxonomy. As I understand it Lydia Shire moved there from some earlier wins.

          Has Hammersley done any spin-offs?

          1. Hamersley's moved across the street to bigger digs, but the chef/owner has (to his credit, I think) never extended beyond one venue.

            Another one: Common Ground - Coda.