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Feb 24, 2008 12:56 PM

Modo Mio - Has the front of house improved?

Last time I went to Modo Mio, the service was so poor as to be laughable; however, the food was exquisite. Closest thing to Italian cooking I've enjoyed since traveling in Tuscany.

As I'm thinking of returning because of the siren sound of the kitchen, I'm wondering if I'll get more polished service this time. Anyone been there recently?

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  1. don't know why i keep hearing this complaint. i'm not saying it's just you --- i've heard the same from a good half-dozen people. however i've been there a good half-dozen times myself, and experienced the exact opposite... some of the downright friendliest service i've had in philly.

    i only had two small negative comments at first, and i should even retract those... i remember upon their first opening, writing i was a little annoyed at 1: the cappucino coming after dessert and 2: the leisurely way in which the check appeared (i am an eat and run kinda girl). so when at dinner at la famiglia with my boss a couple months ago, i was talking about this, and he corrected me (frequent business traveler that he is) - in true italian restaurants, what i'd complained about is exactly the standard. coffee and dessert are seperate courses, and they expect you to linger - they'd never dream of plopping the check on top of your last bite of food. hrmph. so while i still say i prefer rushed service, i guess the restaurant was just being authentic which i can't really fault them for.

    anyway back on topic - the host was super-friendly last time i was there. way accommodating... the table right by the door was open, and he said he could seat us there, but if we didn't mind waiting a few extra minutes he thought a much better table would be opening up, which it did. considering we made a last-minute decision to drop in on them on a saturday night (albeit late) in street clothes, with a plastic bag filled with the couple of beers left over in my fridge... they didn't treat us too shabby.

    and yeah, most importantly... the food is excellent. just ate my birthday dinner at osteria last night, but couldn't help wishing we'd gone to modo mio. we are going to do birthday, revisited, this weekend at modo mio hopefully. :)