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Feb 24, 2008 12:55 PM

Spicy Town (Sichuan food) Fremont report w/ pics

Went to Spicy Town for lunch and thought this place is good, though pricey.

FREE Chrysanthemum tea is given in a huge container. We couldn't finish it all. You also get a FREE small dish of pickled veggies.

The menu is HUGE and had lots of colored pics and in English & Chinese.

We got:
An appetizer of beef tripe $6.95-it's Really spicy. Hubby liked it.

Sichuan style beef rice noodle $6.75-it's on the outside window menu, but couldn't find it on the menu inside. Just ask and they'll make it. It's pretty good. It's enough for 2 big eaters so share! Nice silky noodles and pretty tender beef with maybe 2 small bok choy plus the red soup.

steam rice $1 - hubby wanted it for his beef tripe. Our bill before tip: $15.99.

We wanted sliced lamb coated w/ five spice rice powder steamed w/ yam $8.95 but they ran out of lamb. maybe next time.

They have hot pots w/ the famous Sichuan Mala Hotpot and many other authentic Sichuan dishes (said the take out menu). The restaurant can seat up to 200 guest and can accommodate large parties w/ private rooms.

You can get ice water if you ask. Refilled often.

Separate bathrooms in the back. Women's had 2 toilets & 2 sinks.

Credit cards taken over $20, we just ignored it.

Sun-Th 11-2:30; 5-9:30p
F & Sat 11-2:30; 5-10p


My pics:

Spicy Town
43683 Boscell Rd, Fremont, CA 94538

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  1. Stopped by tonight for hot pot and it was a full house. Ordered a bunch of hot pot items for 3 people with the pig ear appetizer, a couple of desserts, and the total was just under $80 before tip. I think this place is a better deal than Fat Little Lamb in San Mateo. The beef balls were housemade, i,e. looked like regular Italian meatballs whereas the FLL ones looked processed like fish balls.

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      I had a chance to swing by a couple weeks ago for a quick bite on my own. The place was freezing cold, even though I got a table away from the front door.

      While I wasn't entirely satisfied with the two things I tried, this is an authentic place. The menu has many pages, but most of it is taken up by the photographs and many classic Sichuan dishes are missing. Maybe they're available if you ask.

      The pickled veggies (pao cai) were okay, a bit plain and mostly sour. I had to ask for a dish (complimentary).

      Listed as beef tripe, $7.25, this appetizer is actually husband and wife "fu qi fei pian", and mostly beef shank meat with a little bit of tripe. The texture of the shank was excellent, sliced paper thin and not dried out. Tripe had good texture, just enough chewiness. The seasonings were quite complex, but too spicy for me. Rare that I say that something's too hot for my taste, and this one was. However, if I'd been sharing it with someone else and only having a portion of it, I might not have had the amount of capsicum build-up. It looks bigger on the plate due to the bed of steamed bean sprouts propping up the meats. The sprouts were delicious bathed in the hot oil.
      Fu qi fei pian -

      Then dandan noodles, available as a side dish here in a cup size for $2.95. Still served quite elegantly. Didn't like the skinny noodles, and the salty vegetables in the seasoning were oppressively salty and hadn't been rinsed enough. I also didn't taste any pork in this.
      Dan dan mian -

      I'll be interested in hearing what 'hounds have tried here. Like nearly all our Chinese restaurants, it's a mixed bag and requires some slogging through the menu to find the best dishes.