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Feb 24, 2008 12:32 PM

Londoner Looking For Hash Browns

Hi, we will be in SF, my husband has a real thing about USA breakfasts. He loves Waffle House for their hash browns but I know there are no Waffle Houses near SF. Does anyone know a place where they have hash browns made with that shredded or grated potato and then scattered on the grill? And good sausage patties?

I really appreciate any help anyone can give.

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    1. re: wolfe

      Hi, thanks for that. The hash brown looks good! We'll try it out.

      1. re: wolfe

        The hashbrowns at Grayson are near perfect, but it will be a bit of a shlep to get out to Berkeley from SF.

      2. My vote is for Art's Cafe in SF (on Irving Street at 9th Avenue).

        See this earlier thread for more recommendations.

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        1. re: kresge86

          I def. second Kresge on Art's - mom and pop, cooked right in front of you - a mainstay of the 'hood. tiny but worth the wait if it's a Saturday - best dang B'fast in town.

          I lived on their food (and others) for a few months (jerky roommates I couldn't trust with a loaf of bread)

        2. I feel it's really not remiss to say that this style of shredded, golden hashbrown potato is quite common around here, so you'd be able to find it at most breakfast restaurants/diners. You may find some places that offer "home fries" instead, which are cubed potatoes griddled with a mess of spices and onions, but golden shredded potatoes are pretty universal breakfast fare in California (and most western states). You shouldn't need to travel more than about five blocks to find some, no matter where you are, and you can always fall back on a Denny's. Just don't go asking for blood pudding or rashers -- it'll be blank stares and people calling the Center For Disease Control.

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          1. re: orezscu

            yeah, but they're looking for a US breakfast, I DO wish there were more places that offered grilled tomato and beans along with the rest (why are US b'fast's just pancakes or eggs or complete artery cloggers?).

            sorry if I sound contentious, but home fries really don't substitute for browns. potatoes are surprisingly delicate when it comes to the cut IMHO.

          2. I love the Yukon Gold hash browns at Boulevard Cafe in Daly City.

            Boulevard Cafe
            2 Poncetta Dr, Daly City, CA 94015

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            1. re: wineguy7

              Another big vote for Boulevard Cafe.

              I have to disagree somewhat with orezscu about the availability of good hash browns. We go out to breakfast a lot and most places have home fries. It took me a long time to find a place that had actual hash browns.

              1. re: Atomica

                Yes, Boulevard Cafe is worth the trip for the hash browns alone.

            2. Huge thanks for all the responses. We've been to SF before but we'll only be there a few days this time so it's great to know a few places. We usually stay on Lombard and go to Bechellis but they have country style potatoes not hash brown. We will definitely go to Art's.

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              1. re: panda444

                If you're staying on Lombard, definitely try Mel's Diner for breakfast. They have fantastic hash browns and great patty melts too.

                1. re: Debra Stuart

                  I haven't been to Mel's in a few years, but I have never had a good breakfast at this location. I hope they are doing better these days ... but ...

                  I'm not a fan of Home Plate in the Lombard area, but I'd rather eat there. Anyone have comments on Home Plate's home fries?

                  1. re: rworange

                    Home fries seemed okay at Home Plate. The reason to go to HP is homemade sausage, homemade scones (free w/ breakfast) and eggs.