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Fish and Chips (Balto)

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Having missed out on Fish and Chips a couple of weeks ago @ Life of Reilly, I'm still nursing a craving. Anyone care to 'chip in' :) with their fav local place to get this trusty English staple? - I would prefer somewhere that doesn't balk when I ask for vinegar with my chips instead of mayo or ketchup.

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  1. Conrad's in Towson has a generous portion for $7.99. I really like the breading on the fish (which is fresh) and the old bay fries.

    1. Mamas on the Half Shell

      1. Mick O'Shea's does a pretty good version complete with malt vinegar

        1. Slainte in fells point and mamas on the half shell

          1. I agree with the Mama's on the half shell rec. It's the best I've had in the city.

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              Usually I'd go w/ Mick O'Sheas but thought I'd throw it out there for some new ideas on venues. What makes Mama's your favourite?

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                The quality of the fish and that they cook it well. The batter is crisp and cooked through and the fish is just right. And they use enought salt. (And it's an enormous portion, which doesn't hurt) I will say it has been a few months since I've gotten there, but in the past it has been a favorite. I've had a lot of experiences of undercooked batter and underseasoned fish at other places, so I appreciate a place that does it right.

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                  I wasn't all that crazy about Mick's. I didn't get the whole steak fries thing, and the fish was a bit greasy. It was ok but not something I'd start craving.

                  It's been way too long since I've been to Mama's.

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                    Hey, fish and chips are supposed to be greasy! That's why the Brits wrap them in newspaper. I like the batter at Mick's a lot. Agreed about the steak fries.