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Feb 24, 2008 11:42 AM

Upscale Sunday lunch

I am looking for an upscale Sunday lunch spot in San Francisco. Any recommendations?

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    1. Can you give a little more guidance as to what you're looking for? Specifically, what do you mean by "upscale" -- is it attitude of the place, price per person, dress code, formality of the meal...something else? The Rotunda at Nieman Marcus is certainly an "upscale" lunch, but it's very different from Zuni which is very different from The Four Seasons which is very different from Slanted Door which is very different from Foreign Cinema...yet all of which are "upscale" and all offer lunch in SF on Sunday.

      Also, is "upscale" the only criterion? Can you give us a little more to work with? What kind of food? How many in your party? Are you driving? Are particular areas of town good or bad? Full bar required? Does dress code matter? If you can give a bit more guidance, I'm sure you'll get far better (and more extensive) answers.

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        The places you've mentioned are all within the range of what I'm looking for. Price, neighborhood (as long as it is within the city of San Francisco), cuisine, dress code, and full bar are not necessarily important. I do, however, want to go to a place where one would go to celebrate. The lunch is for two people.

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          Brunch at the Ritz-Carlton. Lovely and you can sit outside if the weather's fine.

          1. re: wineguy7

            I echo what I said earlier -- if you'll give us more information, you'll get more and better answers. I suppose if you're OK with what we've given you so far, then there's no need. But I suspect that the reason you haven't gotten more input is the breadth of your question...

        2. You cannot go wrong with Foreign Cinema - one of the best Sunday brunch/lunch spots in town! Sit inside by the fire if its chilly outside, or outside in the sunny courtyard if the sun is shining!