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Feb 24, 2008 11:14 AM

Health Food in Mill Basin

A new cafe opened up in Mill Basin. It is a health conscious place. I was there on a first date last night and they told us that it was the first time that the opened- they actually stayed open until midnight for us (since it wasn't advertised, there were few customers). Great service, friendly staff- it is a family run business. The company was great- and the food wasn't half bad either;).

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  1. name? address? I assume it's on strickland ave, off of mill ave. what's their menu?

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      If I remember, yes it is on Strickland, right next to the bowling alley there. The name is something like Health Cafe. I had the roasted peppers and feta. They also blend their own juices. I also remember the spaghetti on the kids menu.

    2. I just ate there-we needed a place to suit a number of's called Atlantic Nature-6181 Strickland, in the small strip mall just to the right of Gil Hodges lanes.. It is indeed a family operation and very friendly.
      And the food was pretty good for what it is (not my usual choice)-I tasted the white bean soup and the squash soup, both of which had a light broth with distinct flavors-I also tasted the "pizza wrap", which is the wrap dough with pizza-type sauce-pretty nice, actually, and the mozzarella panini-they offer a choice of bread-I liked the sesame bun and the portion of cheese was generous. The side salad was very fresh and tasty as well. The space, while spare, is comfortable. I thought the banana cake was pretty nice, too and they gave us warm milk for the coffee, which is always a plus.
      It was good enough for someone strictly kosher, someone vegetarian, and me, who will eat anything. Compared with other joints we've been to which meet the same criteria, it's a pretty good choice.
      They also have some items available for takeout.