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Feb 24, 2008 10:50 AM

Boulette's Larder - hot chocolate

I guess I disagree with Mae West's famous quote, "Too much of a good thing is wonderful."

I finally had Boulette Larder's hot chocolate on Saturday and it was like some childhood lesson in greed. The first sip - wonderful, strong, and thick. By the third sip I realized I could not possibly finish it. I have a hard core sweet tooth and love chocolate, but this was too thick to drink and too thin to slice.

Finally, after managing to drink half of it, I went back to their coffee station and refilled my cup with 1% milk, getting the consistency back to something resembling normal, but, of course, ruining the temperature.

On the lighter side (and anything would be lighter than that hot chocolate) I learned the secret to avoiding crowds at the Farmer's Market - get there early on a rainy day. The place was nearly empty.

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  1. Hah! I've often thought that Boulette's hot chocolate would make a better sauce than drink...

    I didn't go to the farmer's market because I though most of the vendors wouldn't show. What was the turn out like?

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    1. re: adrienne156

      As an estimate, I'd say there was about a 60-70% vendor turnout. It was a bit light. It was much better than January 5th where I'd guess that much less than half the vendors were there.

      1. re: Paul H

        That is about right. Some vendors were complaining about the lack of sales. Since we were gone by 8:30, the complaints may have been a bit early.

      2. re: adrienne156

        Turnout was not bad. I believe CUESA requires vendors to show up, rain or shine. There were certainly a few stalls missing, but they may have been pre-arranged absences. (You can see which vendors will be there on the CUESA website.)

          1. re: adrienne156

            If you sign up for their email list, they send you a list on Friday of who is not coming or is coming back etc.

      3. Sounds like Italian hot chocolate, which is very thick and turns into pudding as it cools down.

        1. Yeah, we have a bunch of these places in NY, and I keep thinking it could be the next cupcake craze. I've actually taken cups home, put it in the fridge and ate it as pudding the next day. Glad to hear you can punish your sweet tooth in the Bay Area now.

          The real problem with that stuff is it makes it near impossible to go back to a cup of milk with three scoops of powder ... there must be a healthy in between!