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Feb 24, 2008 10:42 AM

I'm looking for a great bowl of chili in Westchester?

Texas native here simply looking for a great bowl of chili in the hudson valley area. Yeah, I know you can make it at home, but in El Paso, you can get the stuff anywhere, and more often than not its utterly delicioso....are there any great places in Westchester?

(BTW I have tried Ribs on the Run) and I'm not too crazy about it, although I know other people here like it!

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  1. The Blazer in Purdy's, famous for its burgers has great chili.

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      Never tried to chili at Purdy's, good to know...

    2. To your question, haven't really tried to find great chili in Westchester, though I've lived here most of my life. Only option is come to my houses lol. I slow smoke a brisket with mesquite and hickory in with charcoal, dry rub only, then chop it up and build the chili with the Q.

      My question to you: What is "classic" TX chili? Ground beef, cubed beef or made from BBQ'd brisket? Or something else.

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        Thanks for the invitation, woodburner! haha Sounds amazing!

        I could be mistaken but I believe one main thing that separates "Texas" chili from the rest is that it has no beans, hence the word chile con carne, since much of it is chili with "meat" and spices. Not sure about what cut of meat but I think maybe both from what I remember at a chili stop in Austin you could chose from either chuck meat, cubed or a few others - -I think they even had Venison. Wish I could remember the name of that place....

      2. My husband really loves the Full Moon Chili at the Blue Moon in Bronxville. They have the Full Moon and something called Half Moon. Apparently, they are very different.

        1. gordo's in thornwood has very good chili

          1. I like the chili at So Dam Hot in Valhalla, NY. And you can add any of the hot sauces on the wall to kick it up a bit!

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              What kind of place is this? On the main drag in town?

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                So Dam Hot is mainly a wings, hot dog and chili place. No frills and a lot of fun. It's right on the main drag -- 10 Broadway - right near Mughal Palace.
                Here's the menu: