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Feb 24, 2008 10:03 AM

Del Posto?

We have reservations at Del Posto in a couple of weeks. It's our first time there. Please share your experiences and recommendations. Thanks much!

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      Thanks for the links. There certainly is a wide spectrum of opinions that swin from "don't go" to "wonderful"!

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        del Posto in my opinion is a 1-star caliber Michelin restaurant (fyi-2008 Michelin guide gave it 2-stars) I agree that the service is extremely impressive and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and decor, which is worthy of it's 2-stars. However, I thought the food, although good, was not great. For the prices you pay, I felt the food should have been stronger with more uniqueness and personality. Most dishes were sort of run-of-the-mill. If it wasn't for the food, I could justify the 2-star rating.

        As far as dress code, you'll be fine with jeans if they are dressy jeans. Even if they aren't dressy, they probably won't turn you away, but you may feel a bit awkward. The common dress is business casual.

        1. re: kicker75

          To anyone who has been to Del Posto recently is there web menu an updated menu? Do they offer nightly specials>????

      2. My wife and I prefer eating in the enoteca rather than the main dining room. More limited menu, but, to us more enjoyable.

        1. I have been here three times. Two times I was very pleased with the tasting menu and the service. The last time I went the service was terrible. They brought out the wrong food. Told us there was no shellfish in something (food allergy) and when it came with crab in it, waiter tried to say it was not shellfish. Beware of the short male wine guy. He's snotty and BTW he has not tried any of the wines under 250.00. Jerk. I would give it another try though. Glutton.

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          1. re: Frankenfood

            Is there a dress code there or are nice jean ok?

            1. re: synergy

              You might feel uncomfortable in jeans.

              1. re: bosun

                Dress more like "business casual"?

                1. re: synergy

                  I wore jeans a few weeks ago there and felt fine. The place has a fancier decor, so if you think you might feel uncomfortable being one of two diners in there in jeans, then you should wear something else. Also, I found ordering off the menu and getting a starter, the three tastes of pasta, and an entree a great way to go. It was a good way to get a wide variety of the menu and to choose exactly what I wanted. they bring each pasta out as a separate course, so it also gives you a longer dinner which I prefer.

                  1. re: stay off my farm

                    I think if you are going for the enoteca menu (which they won't seat you in the main dininig room), then jeans will be fine. Fine for lunch as well. As for dinner, I will at least be "business causal" if I am dining in the main dining rooms, as I felt most people do dress up a bit (but not too formal).

                    1. re: stay off my farm

                      Stay off my farm, your menu recommendation was exactly what I was thinking after reading everyone's feedback - especially since everyone said the pasta dishes were all good. I love the pasta at Babbo and look forward to this.

                      And thanks to you & kobetobiko for the dress advice.

            2. I am the original poster of this subject and I thank all of you for sharing your experiences at Del Posto. We went last night in the torrential rain and had a lovely evening. Here’s my review of our experience there.

              I too echo the thoughts of many of you. First of all I have to say what I am most impressed with at Del Posto is the wonderful service. Absolutely everyone in the restaurant was genuinely warm, friendly, helpful, no attitude at all and quite frankly I think they delivered exceptional service from top to bottom. We felt the service also exceeded the food.

              Here’s what we had and my impressions. Keep in mind I am a Babbo fan and have been there many times. I LOVE Babbo’s pasta, and so based on the recommendations of many of you, I looked forward to sampling the pasta at Del Posto.

              When we arrived we had a drink at the bar before going to our table. I had a delicious and generous pour of a blood orange bellini. My husband had vodka. We drank leisurely and then went to our table. I was impressed that they seated us at a huge table for two. We were give 2 amuse busche (sp?), a less than a thimble size dip with 2 minuscule chips, with the first taste in the mouth being salt….and 2 tiny sized fried cod balls, also with the first taste in the mouth of salt. The bread basket arrived with a description of each type of roll and butter and lardo. The bread was addictive.

              After talking to the sommelier, we selected a $90 bottle of red wine that was wonderful. (sorry I can’t remember what it was.). We decided to have an appetizer, share the pasta for 2, risotto for 2 and share 1 entrée. Here’s what we selected. We started with the Roasted Winter VEGETABLES with Truffled Hazelnuts ($ 21 per person). While it tasted good, it was tiny, tiny, tiny…at a big price. We were then served our first pasta, the SPAGHETTI with Dungeness Crab, Sliced Jalapeno & Minced Scallion. With our first bite we looked at each other and said how fishy it tasted. That is an indication to me that the fish isn’t fresh. You could not see nor taste any jalapeno nor scallion. We actually thought the dish pretty bland. The portion wasn’t even the size of my palm. Our 2nd pasta arrived, the ORECCHIETTE with Lamb Neck Sausage & Fried Parsnips. It was so small you could count the number of orecchiette’s on the plate, which didn’t get into 2 digits. No fried parsnips could be seen either. We did like the taste of it more than the first one. I will say neither pasta compares to nor comes close to the wonderful pasta dishes we’ve had at Babbo. We then had the lobster risotto with mint & squash. This was a much bigger portion size. There was no taste of mint at all and if we didn’t know it was lobster we wouldn’t have been able to tell what fish it was. We then shared the Wild STRIPED BASS alla Piastra with Cauliflower Ragu & Black Truffle. While the service the entire evening was exceptional we were however surprised that the kitchen would not split the dish for us in the kitchen. We asked and were told that they wouldn’t. They brought the entrée to us and an empty plate for us to split it on our own. The fish was wonderful and my favorite dish of the night. We were too full to order dessert, but knew that they would bring over their rolling table with an assortment of goodies/sweets that are complimentary: chocolates, biscotti, little jelly squares of pineapple and orange, which were all a treat.

              My overall feedback, while it was a wonderful evening, and again, their service and attention to the customer is probably what I would rank as the best I’ve experienced, we felt that the portion size and taste of the food is not worth the cost of the meal. I am happy to pay top dollar for exceptional food and felt that Del Posto disappointed. It’s a shame since we were treated so wonderfully. And even with the torrential rain last night we appreciated how they hailed us a cab, which came within 2 minutes. We feel bad that we will not return…and we were glad that we didn’t have to pay for this meal ourselves (it was a business reward for a job well done.).

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              1. re: synergy

                Hi synergy,

                I am sorry to hear that the food at Del Posto did not live up to your expectation. However, I was a bit surprised to hear that the orecchiette dish was small. I had also ordered the pasta sharing for two before. The orecchiette dish was one of the two pasta that we chose, the other being the gnocchi. The amount of pasta that they served was just about the same as an single order of orecchiette or gnocchi at Babbo split among two people. The main difference was the plates were a lot bigger at Del Posto. ^_^" I thought the taste was just as good as the ones we had at Babbo, and the gnocchi was better than the orecchiette both in texture and flavors.

                I have never been a big fan of spagetti dishes at Babbo and Del Posto. Not that they weren't good, it was just not as exceptional as other pasta dishes like ravioli or gnocchi. I have had the spagetti with crab in the enoteca menu at Del Posto before, and while I didn't think it was fish, the taste of the crab meat didn't come through in the spicy sauce. I thought it was ok but a bit too ordinary.

                As for the entrees, the waiters there actually once told me (without asking) that they would bring out extra plates if we want to share but they normall will not split entrees beforehand because the presentation will be lost by doing so.