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Feb 24, 2008 09:13 AM

Petit Dejeuner =

Petite brains? Apple cole slaw, with a light Russian-ish dressing....with pancakes? I think NOT. With eggs, okay, if you must. But not with sweet food. And less than 1 hour to get coffee & food, that would work. But almost nothing here does, including those pancakes, which were bland & bready AND undercooked in the center. Mmmmmmm, tasty! The search for a decent breakfast in TO continues....

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  1. Interesting - sounds like another example of Toronto restaurant inconsistency. Mr. Clicquot and I tried Petit Dejeuner last weekend for the first time and quite enjoyed it. I had the Croque Monsieur and he had the Eggs Benedict. Aside from a short wait at the door, service was relatively prompt. Of course, the apple coleslaw makes more sense as a side to a sandwich than pancakes. I agree that might not be the best combo.

    1. Avoid lining up for poor service by doing the following: Go across the street, walk east, don't stop until you get to Zoulpy's Deli, 244 King E @ Princess. Big, hearty, well-made breakfasts for very reasonable prices. If you want a virtuous breakfast continue eastward on King until you get to Morning Glory, 457 King E 2 blocks east of Parliament.

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        Morning glory is fantastic- not just their breakfast but sandwiches are great too.
        For breakfast pancakes, the Patrician (219 King Street E) is awesome- a simple, good batter recipe cooked up by a real diner cook who knows how to work the stoves. Fluffy, cooked through (HATE pancakes with undercooked centres!!!) with a bit of crunch on the outside. Only complaint would be crappy maple syrup- I bring my own.

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          I also love morning glory. Their sausage at breakfast is like no other .. very fresh and well spiced. Also love their waffles with berry compote mmm

        2. Hmm... I love their pancakes, and the apple slaw, and very much enjoy this place in general. However, the Saturday and Sunday brunch scene can tend to get out of hand, with big lineups and staff run off their feet. I think this might be why sometimes I read stories of bad experiences on here. I tend to avoid it if I walk by and see a big lineup out the door-- you rarely get a great meal anywhere under that scenario, in my experience. Not an excuse for serving undercooked food though, I admit.

          1. Petit Dejeuner, I just don't get you. Their special is suppose to be Belgian waffles, and it says only two orders per table. The waffles are incredible dry and hard, with nothing but air inside. Also, why in the world can you not make enough waffles for more than 2 per table, buy another waffle iron. It's like the Keg saying only 2 steaks per table. Totally underwhelming, the only breakfast place where I think you get the best value for your money and the service is great is Oliver&Bonacini, I know it's really uptown, but it's so consistant, servers are great and the average brunch main is probably $8-12-ish, but you get a lot for what you pay for. Also, really good pear ginger juice and blueberry lemonade.

            1. Has anyone tried dinner at Petit?

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                Dinner is fun and relatively inexpensive. Lights are down, candles lit, the rickety tables and chairs/benches seem more chic, a guitarist or combo usually plays at the north (street) end (and passes the hat afterwards). You can bring your own wine for a $15 charge - still too much but not bad for Toronto.

                Some unusual starters such as a meat or cheese croquette, belgian style I think, as well as the usual - an under-seasoned though pleasant caesar salad etc. Specials of the day, and steak frites, very good and tender meat usually, crisp frites, around $25. One or two unspectacular desserts.

                Fun place to go with friends for a cheap and cheerful outing.