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Feb 24, 2008 09:00 AM

Kiawah Golfers Need Help

Four golfers coming to Kiawah in April for what I understand to be world class golf especially at the Ocean Course. Unfortunately, we have no clue as to where to go for dinners (3). We prefer not doing the Ocean Room or Jasmine Porch at Kiawah. Based on some research I was thinking 1 dinner at the Atlantic Room at the Ocean Course, one dinner at the Oak Steakhouse in Charleston. If Charleston is really only a half hour from Kiawah, I was considering either Al di La, Slighly North of Broad or CruCafe for the third dinner. The group likes excellent food (steak, italian, american) and prefers not doing the tasting menu thing. Cost is not a major concern. Any thoughts on these or any others that fit the bill. Thanks.

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  1. Jefferyf - If you have never been to Kiawah, you are in for a treat! The golf IS world class, and so is the beach and everything else about the island.

    Charleston is a bit further than 1/2 an hour from Kiawah! But Al di La and SNOB can be worth the travel time. You may also want to check out Magnolia's and Cypress (steak house).

    If you head down Folly Road, be sure to check out The Mustard Seed and Mondo's. Both have terrific food at reasonable prices.

    I have to wonder why you are not palnning on the Jasmine Porch at The Sanctuary though. The food is great, and the prices are not nearly as expensive as The Ocean Room. You should enjoy the Atlantic Room though. Fabulous view & pretty good food there.


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      I've only been to Kiawah during December, but 1/2 hour to downtown was quite doable except at rush hour. I don't know if traffic is a lot worse in April or not.

      BTW, Al di La would be a little bit closer for you than going into the historic district if you are really short on time.

    2. Hymans Seafood Restaurant near the old Straw Market is geared towards tourists, but they still do pretty good seafood. Just off Kiawah on the road to Charleston is a local place called Chez Fish. The name turned me off and I didn't go until my fifth trip to Kiawah, but we really enjoyed the food. Call ahead for a table though; they fill up fast. Plan well over 30 minutes to get into Charleston, especially if you have reservations somewhere. 45 minutes is much more like it.

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        Another great place that surprisingly hasn't been mentioned yet and isn't too far from Kiawah is The Fat Hen on Maybank Highway on Johns Island. It's about 15 minutes from Kiawah and has great food. If you want to stay very local to Kiawah, I'd recommend either Rosebank Farms Cafe on the back side of Bohicket Marina (very casual, no bar) or Hege's in Fresh Fields shopping center (french bistro, more upscale).

      2. My group goes to Kiawah Island every other year for well over a decade. Driving to Charleston takes 45 minutes and the two restaurants we always enjoy are Magnolia's and SNOB. They are both on the short list every time we go and have never had one bad experience. If you really want to experience the Southern Cooking and BBQ, make a stop for an appetizer of Ribs or Pulled Pork at Bessinger's BBQ.

        My recommendations are:

        Magnolia's.............Filet of Beef with Blue Cheese Gravy

        SNOB....................Maverick Grits