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Feb 24, 2008 08:36 AM

Seafood/Cuban food in Miami

We will be in Miami for a weekend in March with our kids (6 and 9) and are looking for recommendations for a cuban restaurant and a good seafood restaurant. I was planning to go to Garcia's Grille, but they are not open for dinner. We will probably be staying in Doral near the Airport but will have a car. We are looking for non-chain restaurants. Also any recommendations for breakfast and good coffee?

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  1. I'd do river oyster for seafood (their seafood is great, but their bbq stuff is even better btw). I will let others recommend cuban.

    1. Garcia's is open for dinner... call them for the night you want to see what time they close:

      305) 375-0765

      Cuban: Best OLD School Style: Habana Vieja, 3622 Coral Way.

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        I would not recommend Garcia's for dinner, but that might just be me. Go for lunch and stay safe, especially for out of towners.

      2. Since you're going to be in Doral, I can't really suggest much for seafood... or Cuban, but I'll try.

        For seafood, I'm aware of Donde Luzma Seafood restaurant in Doral. Can anyone vouch for it being any good? I imagine it being average to above average, as that place has been around for quite a while.

        Also, in Doral, there's several other places you can check:

        Ajiaco's Grill: Colombian, late night options
        Biscotti: Venezuelan bakery (pastries, quick foods)
        Brasero's: Venezuelan steakhouse (try the punta trasera cut of meat)
        Chispa: Very "Miami" Latin-Fusion
        La Carreta: A Cuban-Miami-Chain standard
        La Esquina del Lechon: Non-chain family friendly Cuban-Venezuelan (has breakfast too)
        Layali Miami: pretty good Lebanese
        Mojito's (inside Dolphin Mall): I thought this is a really good Cuban restaurant
        Mondongo's: Another Colombian, famous Colombian chain (at least in Colombia)

        Happy eating!

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          The peculiar Captain's Tavern in South Dade is really cool and funky. Garcia's is better when you can see the ugly river. In Doral the Argentinian La Estancia is good at lunch and Korean Sakura are good. Mondongo is beloved by our Colombian brothers and sisters.