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Feb 24, 2008 08:28 AM

Park City Eats

My SO and I will be in Park City in a couple weeks. We will be with his parents mostly, but after a day on the mountain the two of us have our time to chill out, grab a bite and a drink. What good options are out there that do not include a family atmosphere, but do include good snacks and drink specials (not necessary, but a plus)?

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  1. Check out Chimayo on Main. It's definitely one of the best restaurants in PC. We loved the Kobe Beef and the Elk loin.

    Also--for a drink, there's a great wine bar also downstairs on main called Bacchus.


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      Another nod from me on Bacchus. Myself and my wife spent some time there last summer. A large selection of wines and really knowledgeable staff. They also have some great priced wine flights so you can try a range of wines with a certain thematic similarity, for a very fair price.


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        I meant more like straight from the mountain, but not at the bottom. kobe beef and elk loin sounds more like dinner at 8:30pm. We are wanting yummy snacks that consist of more than wings and nachos and beer from plastic cups. A good bar that is a little off beat perhaps.

    2. Which resort will you be skiing in PC? I was at Park City Mountain Resort a couple weeks ago. After (my feebled attempts at) skiing, my husband and I had a light lunch at the Legacy Bar & Grill. It is located right by the Payday Lifts, on the ground floor.

      PCMR dining options:

      If you do not mind walking or driving the short distance to Main Street, there is a cool bar called No Name Saloon. We had a good time there. Funky interior and great buffalo burgers. Also, be sure to check out the heated bench just outside the door!

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        I was going to suggest the Legacy Bar, too. It isn't plastic cups and wings (that's the other place - the Corner Store) But, if you don't want to be at the base...
        Haven't been there yet, but there is a new martini bar at the bottom of the Town Lift on Main St - Kristauf's Martini Bar. Supposedly about 100 different martinis. I might try to hit it up this weekend with a friend who just came into town.
        Also at the Town Lift is Butcher's. Nice bar area. I don't know what it's like for apre-skis, though. I've only been there at night. They had several good wines by the glass in addition to a full bar.
        Across the street from the Town Lift, there is Doolan's Sports Bar. Yes, there are wings and nachos, but there are more things, too. On upper Main, definitely No Name.