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Feb 24, 2008 08:21 AM

Greenville, NC - Any great steakhouses?

Not looking for the chain store, but a great steakhouse steak. Will travel outside of Greenville if necessary. This is for our son's 22nd birthday celebration. He won't be able to come home for steaks, so we'd like to find a good place to go there.

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  1. I haven't lived in Greenville in many, many years but still operating is The Beef Barn - a Greenville institution.

    It used to be very good - maybe someone has more recent experience.

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    1. You can not get a "great steakhouse steak" in Greenville or anywhere else in a good 60-mile radius. The Beef Barn is an institution, but no better than Outback, et al. There is a new place called University Chop House where you might find something better. I have not eaten there. Your best bet would be to order the steak on the menus at Chef's 505 or Starlight Cafe. But it would not be a steakhouse steak in that I doubt you could get a baked potato, creamed spinach, or any of the other steakhouse classics. I have had decent steak frites at Starlight.


      1. You might want to consider Restaurant O - it's at the front of the Westin on Main Street. The steaks are perfect, we've never been disappointed. Here's the link:

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            Nancy, you're thinking of Greenville, SOUTH Carolina.

          2. The Beef Barn is easily the best thing in Greenville itself. The best steakhouse in the area is the Beefmastor* Inn in Wilson, about 35 minutes west of Greenville. The Beefmastor is a tiny place on US 301 that only has about ten tables. You'll usually wait 90 minutes to two hours to get seated on a Friday or Saturday night, but it's worth it. Once you're seated, they bring a slab of beef to your table and ask you how much you want. The house cut is all that's available. There is also a small, but very good, salad bar, and your steak comes with a baked potato.

            I can't even begin to describe how good the steak is; it's truly excellent. Beefmastor is all about doing one thing, but doing it to perfection. It's absolutely worth the drive from Greenville.

            *Yes, that's a misspelling, but that's what's on the sign! :)

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              The Beef Barn years ago was good, however has gone down hill. The only good thing about this place now is there exceellent wine list.

              Best steak in to is at Starlight Cafe!

              However I strongly agree with Naco- for a fun experience and great steak go the the Beefmaster in Wilson. It is awesome!!!

              1. re: Naco

                I'd forgotten all about Beefmastor.... that's where we're headed. Went there years ago and loved it, but having lived away from eastern NC for so long (until recently), it had completely slipped my mind. Rest assured, it won't now.

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                  I asked about the spelling, they explained it is "old" English. I'm in complete agreement about the quality at Beef Mastor Inn. The steak I had was tender as can be, perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious. Well worth the drive from Raleigh!