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Feb 24, 2008 08:15 AM

Quick help -- Veg. options in baltimore for Sun. afternoon

Some friends are coming up from VA to spend the afternoon here. We'll probably want to grab some food somewhere, but they are vegetarians. Any suggestions in either the Federal Hill or Fells Point areas with plenty of vegetarian options that are open on Sunday afternoon?

Note that they need to leave by 5:30 or so, so places like Thai Arroy that open at 5 won't work

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  1. Mezze is open or in Inner Harbor East there's Lebanese Taverna. Both have lots of good veggie small plates. Of course, if they're coming from NoVa, there's a Lebanese Taverna there.

    1. My mom is vegestarian and she loves Thirsty Dog in Fed Hill (of course I dont think that they are open for lunch) but she tends to find soemthing to eat in lots of the bars. She likes the veggie pizza and broccoli bites from the Wharf Rat. (gerenally my mom is happy with good beer, can you tell?) We went to Matthews Pizza which is very Baltimore and very veggie friendly. Red Star, in Fells has been good in the past. Most Mexican places have cheese enchiladas and grilled veggies fajitas and stuff, so can pick your favorite Mex place.

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          Neither of those is in Federal Hill or Fells Point.

      1. In Fells Point:
        Burritos en Fuego has several veggie options
        Mehak has a lot of veggie selections in their buffet and a la carte
        Liquid Earth is all vegetarian
        Smedly's always has veggie choices

        1. Thanks for the replies everyone. After worrying where to take them, they get up here and tell me they are on a hiatus from their normal vegetarian diet. So we ended up at Carolina's Tex-Mex, where ironically I had the only dish we ordered without meat (the enchiladas verde).

          One of them was really wanting to go to Ostrowski's while on this hiatus, and was crushed when I told her that they aren't open on Sunday. Fortunately I was able to accommodate her with some Polish and Italian sausage from there that I had stashed in my freezer. I tossed in a jar of Polish mustard from Sophia's that I found in the pantry.