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Feb 24, 2008 07:34 AM

Good Asian Find in KC

We had take out from Red Snapper last night - Ward Parkway and 85th in the strip where Radio Shack is. I have found my new favorite chinese restaurant! Everything was bright, fresh and delicious. And the place was PACKED. If you try it, let me know what you think.

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  1. I am going to try that! In a weird twist, I had my first Pei Wei experience (95th & metcalf) tonight. It is a subsidiary if PF Changs - so, imagine that but cheaper/faster. It was okay. Red Snapper is next.

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      Do try and it and let me know what you thought! I haven't stopped thinking about Red Snapper ever since last Saturday night....yum. And I am very, very particular about my chinese...Bo Lings was it for me. I have a new fave.

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        One of my pet peeves is restaurant websites that don't include prices on their menu pages. Could you please enlighten me - how many $?

        1. re: GiGiWy

          I wish I had a menu here - we ordered 2 entrees and 3 apps and it was $38, if that helps.

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            Yikes, sounds a tad pricey. Thank you.

            1. re: GiGiWy

              It was a TON of food - 3 of us shared it and there was enough leftovers for several more meals.

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                Oh well, in that case ...! More than affordable.

      2. re: stellamystar

        I've tried Pei Wei once, and that was enough for me. Mediocre pan asian menu and waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy overpriced for the amount of food you get. I was disappointed. Red Snapper was a pleasant experience for me. I actually ordered a steamed red snapper and it was delish! The salmon rangoon is not to be missed.

      3. I love Red Snapper also, always seems very fresh. Their smoked salmon rangoon are great and in fact were voted best appetizer in KC by pitch magazine in 2005

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            Mmmmm, smoked salmon rangoon. Conjures up memories of buying smoked fish along the road between Miami and the Keys ...

          2. I just had lunch there and I left disappointed. My friend and I both ordered the fried basil dish. She got chicken and I got pork. I found the dish to be both very greasy and very watery. There was way too much sauce on the dish. I think the sauce diluted the flavor of the vegetables and changed the texture of the meat too much. I had a small bite of the rangoon and found them unremarkable. The best part of the meal was the egg drop soup. It was very unique in taste and texture. Overall, not worth the trip. Glad I had good company.

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              Hmmm, that's really too bad and sounds so different than my latest experience - I'm sorry you were dissapointed! I had the shrimp basil dish and found it to be wonderful - spicy but light and fresh, nothing was greasy.

              1. re: jdl98

                I'm a fan of Red Snapper... always good food and good service. It's not your run of the mill Chinese restaurants if that's what you are looking for. It's a little bit more expensive, but they do give you a LOT of food, so consider sharing. I think it's a great alternative to PF Changs if you're not looking to deal with Plaza parking and want to save a few bucks.

            2. If you enjoy Vietnamese food here's the best place in KC:

              Vietnam Cafe
              522 Campbell St
              Kansas City, MO 64106
              Phone: (816) 472-4888

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              1. re: Nata Harli

                This place has the best Pho and fried shrimp rolls. I try to go there once a week. Yum.