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Feb 24, 2008 07:25 AM

Lebanese in Somerville?

Anyone try this new restaurant?

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  1. Where is the restaurant? I have heard of Cedars in Somerville but haven't eaten there.

    1. Like carl555, the only Lebanese restaurant in Somerville I'm aware of is Cedars. It's on Main St. so if you know of a new place please let us know.

      I haven't been to Cedars for over a year but I have fond memories of dinner there. The atmosphere was nothing to write home about but the food was excellent. We ate very well for less than $20 each and were too full to sample any of the desserts. I remember that we initially ordered appetizers but our server persuaded us to "unorder" them because the main courses came with three appetizers that were more than enough for the two of us (see the dinner menu on their web page).

      Cedars is definitely not a fine dining experience but the quality of food is excellent and the value is very high.

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        oh, sorry for the confusion. I did not realize that it was not 'new'!

        I am trying it this week...


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          went to lebanese the other day, very very good....

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            What did you have? My girlfriend is from Lebanon, and she cooks great!! This menu here looks good. It is quite a schlep for me, but it sure beats the 1000 Italian restaurants we have by me!!

      2. I'm a big fan of Cedars, we paid i think it was $20 a person we got three appetizers, a couple of entrees, so much salad and great pitas..oh and dessert too. We had to take much of it home there was so much and we were stuffed when we left.

        The food seems authentic and homemade. Our server was a lovely young man.

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          What did I have angelina? Oh my goodness...let me remember...spinachdumpling type thingies....very good, but what was even better was the hummus and tabbouleh (very good), and another that I cannot recall....main dish was a minced lamb that was incredible and another i cannot recall (Sorry -it was over a week ago!)....but i'd rather come over and have some of your girlfirends homemade cooking!