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Feb 24, 2008 07:10 AM

E' Tutto Qua

My son turned 16 recently and instead of a party, wanted to go to WonderCon for his birthday. He and his friend had a great time at that event and afterwards, we all met up with some relatives who live in the Bay Area for dinner at this North Beach restaurant.

I had read wildly varying reviews of the restaurant and didn't know what to expect. A gaming friend of my son's convinced him it was the best restaurant in the city and he just had to try it. To put it mildly, that's an overstatement, but given the prices, I thought it earned a solid "good" rating. I had a pasta dish with sausage and mushrooms in a wine and cream sauce. Dh and I split that and his chicken involtini and there was still plenty to give tastes to my Mom and son. Ds had the filet mignon, which was perfectly medium rare as he ordered, tender and flavorful. Fil had chicken ravioli and bil had halibut and were both satisfied. IMO, the best value on the menu had to be the desserts. I shared my panna cotta with dh and ds and still left some on the plate. It was only $5. Both of them had tiramisu, which I don't care for but both of them enjoyed. Ds' friend had chocolate fondant, which I didn't taste, but which looked like a pretty standard version. Fil had zabligione over strawberries. I didn't taste that, either, but again, it looked like a pretty standard version.

The wait staff lived up to their colorful Internet descriptions. One of the waiters kissed me goodbye. Dinner for 7 with drinks, dessert and a 20% tip was $187 (not including the 1st round of drinks, which fil paid for), so there's no room to complain about prices. All in all, I'd call this place a good value and a fun, although not a "must visit", restaurant in a city full of good chow.

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  1. Thanks! This is a model of exactly what I'm looking for in report: you kept it simple but provided lots of specifics that make me feel I know exactly what to expect at this restaurant, food, prices, service, etc.

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      You're welcome, Ruth. This was the first time I tried my hand at writing a review, so thanks to you, too, for being so positive :)

    2. Darn! Hit post instead of the places link...

      E Tutto Qua
      270 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133