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Feb 24, 2008 07:05 AM

Seeking quiet, centrally-located bar in DC for Friday Happy Hour for 20+

I'm organizing an annual Watson alumni Happy Hour on either a Friday or Saturday in mid-March. I expect 20-30 people to attend (mostly DC area professionals, ages 20-60). My criteria for a venue (ideally a bar that also serves decent, but not overpriced food):

1) Centrally located in DC;
2) Within walking distance of a metro;
3) Quiet enough for conversation;
4) Professional, but not overpriced;
4) Ideally, with discounted drinks and/or food for groups.

There's no budget to rent a room for this event, but at the right venue, I imagine people would be happy to settle in, order drinks and have dinner.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. My suggestion would be PS7. You wouldn't have to rent out a room just hang out in the lounge area. I don't they over their happy hour deals on Sat but you can call and ask (a lot of places don't have hh on weekends). Minutes away from 4 metro lines, great food and drinks, and a cool yet not overly trendy vibe.

    1. Happy Hours on Fridays tend to be packed anywhere you go and Most bars do not offer deals on Saturdays. For 20-30 people you are going to be even more hard pressed to find a place that is not a dive and offers everything you are looking for. A lot of places you don't have to rent a room, just guarantee that you will have a certain number and they will give you a room and happy hour prices. Quite a few places in Adams Morgan do this. I would also recommend considering a Monday-Wednesday night.

      At happy hour time Buffalo Billiards in Dupont has a lot of space and good drink deals. Recessions is a little odd, but also not busy. Places in Adams Morgan aren't as busy early on in the evening because they are not as close to office buildings as say places in Dupont are.

      1. I would recommend Urbana inside the Palomar Hotel on P St. It's a 5 minute walk from Dupont South, and they have good happy hour specials from 5-7, including discounts on wine, beer, and food. They recently expanded so there is more lounge space where your group could convene.

        1. I say take them all to MXXIII (its a club in Dupont) for 20$ all you can drink top shelf on Friday (5-9), there are plenty of couches for conversation and it doesnt get much cheaper than that. After that, you can stumble out to Julias empanadas and get you guessed it, empanadas.