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Feb 24, 2008 06:59 AM

Any Suggestions for Authentic Beef Rendang?

I've been craving good Beef Rendang for quite a while now.. but can't find anything in the GTA thus far beyond poor yellow-curry drenched, non-flavourful, dried, tough beef versions.

I've probably tried 5, 6 different South-East Asian places already... Sadly, the only place that I've had with that Rendang taste I like is unexpectedly Susur, who likes incorporating the Rendang flavor in his dishes..

Here's an example of what I'd like.. spicy..flavorful.. red Beef Rendang:
(yes, I know the recipe's right there.. but too much work!


Have any ChowHounders come across any good places to satiate this craving?

P.S. Restoran Malaysia and Coconut Island are 2 places recently that I've tried to fill the craving.. they might be good for others, but sadly the Rendang is not to my liking.

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  1. There's always the Mata Hari Grill, on Baldwin, which I just bitched about further down. I had excellent beef rendang from them last time. Tender, nice rib cut, with just enough connective tissue.

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      Agreed. I went to Matahari the day after Valentine's Day and had a divine beef rendang, better than the ones I've made at home.

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        Thanks for the recommendation.. I almost forgot about Mata Hari... and I work just 10-12 minute walk from it!!

        I've been there once, tried the Cha Kway Teow.. agreed that it was authentic.. but didn't really wow me to warrant a high price lunch (which is about the only time I would go downtown) when so many lower price alternatives are there.

        I just got back from a Rendang Beef lunch, and it's exactly what I wanted! Thanks! The dish is not on the lunch menu but you can ask for it directly. Still... at $20... it can only be an occasional indulgence for those times I'm really craving Rendang!