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Feb 24, 2008 06:55 AM

Organizing small kitchen

I am in need of wise counsel as to some "tricks" or tools for organizing a very small kitchen, with not enough cupboard or counter space. I live in Canada, so for purchases, I would prefer Canadian retailers or retailers that deliver to Canada. Thank you!

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  1. I have a pretty small apartment kitchen, but I do have a bit of wall and floor space. Here's what I've done: I have a plastic-coated wire rack about 6 feet high, 18 inches wide, and 5-1/2 inches deep that hangs on a wall. I keep all my herbs and spices, in alphabetical order, on the upper shelves and flour, sugar, rice canisters, etc., on the lowest shelf. I also have a peg board, cut to fit a small area above my butcher block table, that holds all the things I reach for nearly every day: tongs, measuring cups, measuring spoons, strainers, funnel, poultry sheers--just about everything that has a handle and can be hung. Spoons and spatulas are in two decorative pots, one for wooden utensils and one for all else, that sit on the butcher block table along with a knife block (I really don't like magnetic knife strips, but that's a personal preference). Since I have practically no counter space, and what I do have is taken up with my stand mixer, food processor, and toaster oven, my small butcher block table--also cut to fit--is where I do nearly all my chopping and food prep.

    1. I've got a small kitchen too. What I've done recently is to put in hooks and hang flat organizers on the inside of the cupboard doors. I put up a magnetic strip on the inside of a lower cupboard door closest to the sink to store my knives. Inside the pantry door, I have a plastic organizer to store packets of flavourings, mixes, etc; also inside the pantry door, I have hooks to hold the chef's coat, BBQ tools and other utensils.

      The great advantage of not having lots of space is that you pare down to the essentials and find creative ways to use things. I don't care for single-purpose machines (so Mr OCAnn has to keep his ice-cream maker, bread maker, etc all in the garage), so it helps me consider if a purchase is really necessary or a luxury item. (This is my attempt @ the glass half full.) =)

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        I use something similar to this...but I got mine in clear plastic so I can see what's kept inside. You can find these at dollar stores; I got mine for $1.50.

      2. I found a lot of space by installing a pot rack in my kitchen.

        1. A lot of my small kitchen organization stuff comes from Ikea. I love the Grundtal line which is based on round, towel bar-type bars in varying lengths. Everything else (hooks, dish drainers, caddies, paper towel holders etc) hangs on those bars. They're also all fairly inexpensive (at least for my budget) and have lasted me for many years in 4 different houses/apartments now.

          I'm able to hang all of my utensils, small pots, pans and things like strainers and so forth. Then a cupboard or shelf for the heavy cast iron and I'm set. I'd definitely recommend them.

          1. One tip that really helped me was putting stainless steel lazy susans into my refrigerator and "pantry" cupboard (above the counter). Made it much easier to find things. I got some two tiered ones for the refrigerator.

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              Great suggestions so far. I recently discovered the Grundtal line at Ikea and have installed one set of bars already. MMRuth, where did you find the steel lazy susans? All I seem to find are the crappy looking white plastic ones.

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                I think I bought mine at my local hardware store, but this site has them (don't know if available in Canada?)


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