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Feb 24, 2008 05:47 AM

Houlihans Eatontown

thought this place would be less chainy...wrong...if its between eating here again or drinking straight from the ocean, i'll go with the latter...less salty....burger reminds me of something you get at the turn on a muni golf course...pre cooked prime rib(only on fri/ far away

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  1. Surprise will be going up near the LongHorn on route 70 in Lakewood .I have not eaten @ Houlihans but with your tip I will not not attend this nite mare..

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    1. re: big1515

      That stinks. As I am always looking for a good berger I will stay with my fav places, Main Street and McCanns. A coworker went recently to Houlihans and her checken came out raw. She went again with some other problem and will not be going back either.

    2. I wonder if it is just that location. The one on 35 in Homdel has been there a number of years and I have never seen it not packed.

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      1. re: Eric in NJ

        Eric - Sadly, crowds don't equate to quality (i.e. olive garden, red lobster, outback, (fill in the blank mass market chain restaurant)).

      2. Stopped by back in January with the kids for a few apps. The wings were cold, cheese not even melted, left the cold food, paid, will NEVER return. And, I.A.W.B.

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        1. re: shorebilly

          Thanks Shorebilly. I.A.W.B. could someday be as popular as I.A.W.R. :)

        2. I think the Holmdel location is better .. more experienced cooks.
          I only order the ribs, though.

          1. <rant> I've (sadly) eaten at Houlihan's at least three times now. The first time wasn't bad but the other two times were downright disgusting. I got the french dip and it was saltier than the atlantic ocean.

            The ONLY reason I went there was because it was 10PM on a Friday night. I can't believe at 10PM there is no where to go. I wanted to go to Mike and Nelly's but they were closed by 9PM! Not to hijack the thread but does anyone know of any good late night eats in the Eatontown/Red Bank area?

            I think my new resolution is NEVER to go to a chain again. It disgusts me how they just have license to print money while the mom and pop eateries are struggling for business. </end rant>

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            1. re: roydiculous

              Lots of decent diners. I think the Broadway Diner in RB on Mechanic, next to the old police station, is 24 hours.

              1. re: roydiculous

                RE places the are open late...

                Just a hunch... try downtown Long Branch. I was just reading a discussion on the Brazilian places. I mean to try them. I'll bet some of them are open late.
                See discussion: