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Lousy at The Red Goat, 99 King, London Ontario

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My wife and I had tickets to Michael Buble and had made dinner reservations at The Red Goat knowing it would be a night where all restaurants in the downtown would be booked. We were confirmed for 6 pm that night by phone three months in advance. A week prior to the concert I sent an email to The Red Goat to confirm my confirmation for my reservation "just in case". On the night of the concert, one of whom I assume was a part owner, stated we had no reservations. He denied ever hearing from us. Instead of an apology we were quite rebuffed by his demeaning attitude. If his mannerisms indicated anything it's that they do not have "people skills" His first indication should have been that we were well dressed up for the evening and who in their right mind would be dressed in such a way and "pretend' they have a reservation on one of the busiest concert nights (over 8,000 at the concert) No attempt to accommodate, make any recommendations or apology. Just a snub like we have no record of you and a back turn. Lousy attitude usually means lousy restaurant and service. Try the Tru restaurant next door first before going here

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  1. Has any other Londoners had this experience? I might be dating myself, but I used to love this place when it was called 99 King, and even the little lounge next door, the Libido -- first date with my wife was there.. Sniffle. Too bad it ain't so hot, now.