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Feb 24, 2008 04:18 AM

Vancouver - Anyone been to Pied-à-Terre

I like the look on this place. The prices seem good and I love French bistro fare. Has anyone been here? I haven't found anything on this site in the last year using the search boards. Looks like the same owners as Parkside. Thanks!

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  1. Havent been yet, but with the same owners as Parkside it should be pretty good!

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    1. re: jewels_vancouver

      That's what I was thinking too, but was surprised by the lack of comments on this board. Anyone been here?

    2. Yes you're right the same owners as Parkside and la buca. The room is v similar to la buca, small, cozy, a v new york blue ribbon vibe. It was a bit of a hit and miss, first mistake was to take a france french fellow chef with us... i started with the french onion soup, but it burnt and underseasoned, my partner had the foi gras terrine, which was alright and we all had the hanger steak. The creamed spinach and frites were wonderful, the broiled tomato fine, but they had let the meat sit too long so it was quite cold. I would go to la buca before i'd return there, it just wasn't as good as we'd expect. Having said that, if you love french bistro fare, it would be the place I would recommend here - in Victoria though it would be brasserie l'ecole hands down.

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      1. re: style councillor

        How does Pied A Terre compare to Jules Bistro, if you've been?

        1. re: grayelf

          Personally I prefer Pied a Terre over Jules. Both are good but I like PAT more.

          1. re: gourmet wife

            Thanks for weighing in -- care to share any more details?