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Feb 23, 2008 07:39 PM

Storage of Honeycrisp Apples [Split from MSP Honeycrisp thread]

just ate a Minnesota grown Honeycrisp today! according to the grower they will keep nicely for up to 7 mo. at 37° My basement is ~ 40° all winter-I think I will try to stock up next year.

who knew???

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  1. I remember visiting a apple orchard a very long time ago on a field trip with my girlfriend and her son. They taught us that apples can be kept for a year in cold storage before they are sold. I was so shocked and bewildered by that as well.

    1. These are my favorite apple breed, bar none.

      1. ditto on being my favorite apple, and i'm very glad to see these regularly in the grocery stores. But the grocery store variety unfortunatly are not as crisp and sweet, and are sooooo much smaller. A year or so ago these only used to be available for a couple of weeks in the fall and they were HUGE and just the juiciest sweetest things out there. I couldn't finish a whole one. The ones in the grocery store are about the size of the granny smiths etc. ( I don't live in Minnesota though...........Canada here)

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          They have definitely lost some size, but we I was very happy to see a fresh batch in the store last week. They were as hard as rocks, and great juice and flavor!

        2. My grandfather stored apples from his trees in a refrigerator buried under the carport. The details of the setup escape me--there had to be some sort of ventilation, right?--but we ate 'fridge-buried apples all year.

          1. Michigan grows wonderful Honey crisp apples. A few years I brought a large amount down to FL with me, but they did not do well. Fortuantly they are now available down here, and surprisingly at less of a cost then where they are grow. Figure!!!!