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Feb 24, 2008 03:21 AM

Looking for some Polish Home Cooking

Moved to Maspeth recently and can get to Greenpoint as well. My husband is Polish and remembers what his mom from Poland would make but he does not speak Polish as he was taught to speak english only . ( so he could get a good job ) He like pork chops, pierogi, poppy seed, yet does not care for kielbasa. Any suggestions for a lunch or dinner on a chilly Sunday?
Thank you

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  1. Let me dig up the name of a place. It's on Nassau and it is amazing. I was recced it after I recced Lomzynianka which was then said to be pretty much terrible. I'll edit this post if I find it fast.

    I can't find the post. It happened in one where someone from out of town wanted really really cheap local food. Hopefully the poster will return.

    1. PYZA on Nassau Street.

      1. Artaine
        I second Mikey B's recc of Pyza.. Good really inexpensive food. I only had one meal there and the day I was there it was very noisy and crowded. so it wasn't the greatest dining experience. I usually go into Bay Ridge or Sunset Park for Polish food. Please note: I am NOT personally recc any of the restaurants listed below as I have not eaten at any of these places, but I had them on some list I dug up. I couldn't even tell you if they are all still open, but you might want to check for yourself.

        Christina’s (853 Manhattan Avenue between Milton and Noble)
        Stylowa Restaurant(694 Manhattan Avenue between Nassau and Norman)
        Kasia’s Restaurant (146 Bedford Avenue between North 6th and 7th)
        S&B Restaurant (194 Bedford Avenue at North 9th)

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        1. re: Tay

          I think Stylowa was replaced a few years ago by Krolewskie Jadlo.

          1. re: squid kun

            Thanks for clarifying/refining that list. That's why I put in that caveat about to whether or not they were still abound. I'm glad you were able to update :-}

          2. re: Tay

            Correction- Kasia's is at N.9th. and S&B is between N.6th & 7th.

            1. re: Silverjay

              It's a good thing you guys are on the ball, :-} I don't know where I got this list from, but at some point I cut and pasted it. Apparently, it isn't up to date or all that accurate!

            2. re: Tay

              Can I ask where you go in Bay Ridge or Sunset Park for Polish? It's a lot easier for me to get to than Greenpoint.

              1. re: gangly handful

                There's a Plish place in Bay Ridge called polonia, on 3rd between 72nd and 73d. Never been but looks nice.

                1. re: ropa vieja

                  Polania is great. We were there yesterday and it's BYOB.

                2. re: gangly handful

                  I think Theresa's Polish is on 8th Ave between 45-46th Sts
                  ropa vieja is correct. Polonia Restaurant is a pretty, little bit of a place on 3rd Ave 72-73rd Sts. I have eaten there several times. It's not dirt cheap like the places you will find in Greenpoint, but the Bay Ridge location is safe and easily accessible by PT,, the food is good and the atmosphere is comfortable.

                3. re: Tay

                  based on the two meals i had there, i'd skip christina's.

                4. I've heard good things about the restaurant on 61st street in Maspeth near 55th Road. Take Grand going toward Brooklyn, then make a right on 61st (Russo's bakery is on the left).

                  There are two knights in armor outside.

                  Its called Królewskie Jadło. Look for a review on porkchop express. J slab says execution is uneven, but others I know gave it high marks.

                  They also have a location on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint.

                  1. The bakery/ take out spot on N.8th/ Bedford called Old Poland Foods has excellent breads, decent pastries (try the blintzes which are only made on weekends), and a good steam table. Their bigos (usually offered in take out containers) is my favorite single Polish dish available in the area. The same company has a cafeteria restaurant similar to Pyza, though more rough around the edges, further up Nassau. It's even cheaper.

                    Old Poland Foods [Williamsburg] 149 N. 8th St., between Bedford Ave. and Berry St., Brooklyn 718-782-2700

                    Old Poland Bakery and Restaurant [Greenpoint] a.k.a. Staropolska Bakery 190 Nassau Ave., at Humboldt St., Brooklyn 718-349-7775

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                    1. re: Silverjay

                      Just visited Old Poland Bakery and Restaurant at 190 Nassau on Saturday with a group. Very authentic and EXTREMELY inexpensive if that is what you're looking for. Zero atmosphere, but we're all about food, right?

                      1. re: MTWfromCT

                        the branch of old poland on nassau is my favorite place for soups and also for fried chicken cutlets. the one topped with a runny fried egg is magnificent in its own humble way.