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Feb 24, 2008 01:19 AM

Your fav Ribeye Rub

I was thinking to myself when I was rubbing down this ribeye, what are some good rubs to massage into this wonderful meat.

In the picture I used cumin salt pepper, to keep it simple but I was curious what other people have rubbed and lubbed(loved)?

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  1. I like to keep it simple and just sprinkle a little McCormick’s Montreal Seasoning on both sides, pat or rub it in and then on to the grill. If the mood strikes me, I’ll sometimes have a little of Peter Luger’s steak sauce on the side.

    1. I like 1 T kosher salt, 1 t cumin, and a 1/4 t allspice.
      It does not detract from yumminess of the ribeye (my favorite cut tied w/ hangar) but enhances it a bit.
      I particularly like to plop it on a plate of arugula. The arugula wilts a little from the heat, and adds a peppery taste. Mmm.

      1. My favorite is a combo of dark brown sugar, kosher salt, garlic powder and black pepper - for a prepared ub I like two form the Spice House - Back of The Yards - or Gateway to the North Maple Sugar Seasoning -

        1. Knox makes some really good dry rubs,cracked pepper is my fav.

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            I really like the arugula wilting by the heat that the rib eye carries and its peppery spicy/ bitterness that it adds

          2. I wish I could find the recipe to share, but it was a chili/coffee rub that was really good when rubbed into ribeye. I remember it had Ancho chili powder and expresso in it, but I can't recall what else. I've been looking for it for a while too, because I'm all out!

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                that may be it if not close. I recall the brown sugar now as well, and garlic salt. Mount the steak with a pat of butter when it's done and let that melt all over the crust formed from the rub. Thanks for finding that!

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                  Drooling like a dog thinking about melting butter over a ribeye steak