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Feb 23, 2008 11:19 PM

k'ya, Anaheim (quick review)

With good reviews for k'ya at their Laguna Beach location, Mr OCAnn and I decided to go to the new Anaheim location @ the Hotel Menage.

It's a beautiful restaurant; it was definitely more attractive and upscale than the tourists, the diners and the whole restaurant & hotel staff. Service was great; not hovering, not snooty, but friendly, professional and polite. We liked Jose.

As for the food, we had the lobster portabella mushroom, ahi poke, lamb chops and the maui style bbq beef ribs. I loved the lobster portabella mushroom--the lobster wasn't rubbery, but had a nice, fresh crunch while still being moist. I didn't like the ahi poke; it was sweet. I prefer my poke to be on the briney side. The lamb chops and beef ribs were good, but nothing to write home about.

The soup & salad was 50/50. I LOVED the romaine salad w/the gorgonzola cheese, sundried cranberries and the creamy basil-garlic dressing; the flavours balanced well. However, their lobster bisque was subpar. It was lukewarm and too sweet.

Mr OCAnn loved his flat iron steak...I thought it tasted like any old steak with sauce on top. I had the lobster ravioli. It was like any other ravioli served anywhere else. It didn't wow me.

I really, really wanted to like k'ya. It's a beautiful restaurant with great service. The food ranged from meh to good to great. It's a hit or miss.

All told, after 1.5 hours and $150 (incl tax, tip & wine), it was just okay.

btw, it's pronounced KIE-ya. (I thought it was k' in a karate kick K'YA!)

K'ya @ Hotel Menage
1221 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA

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  1. We live up the street and have never been... but I always crack up because that fancy-shmancy hotel was a Holiday Inn two years ago. :)

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Yeah...we went in and I thought, "it's so visually appealing here that it doesn't look right for this part of OC."

      Oh, and it's free valet parking with restaurant validation.

    2. Being as critical as I am and food being so subjective... to one great to another eh... I too have eaten at Hotel Menage and k'ya and have had nothing but good service and food... they first started in Laguna Beach at the Hotel La Casa del Camino, the place with a cool rooftop lounge... and to say the least keep it up at Hotel Menage and La Casa del Camino...thanks.

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      1. re: overcritical

        Yes, you're right; food is very subjective. My reviews and opinions are not definitive...but just one person's experience on a particular night. Perhaps the evening was a one-off...esp w/the variance of the quality throughout the night.

      2. Was this menu only a dinner menu? An out of town friend made lunch reservations for some of us while she was visiting and the only things on the menu were sandwiches (and not very interesting ones) and salads. I had visited the website and was shocked to see so little on the menu.

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        1. re: PrettyPlaty

          If you go to, you'll see various other menus (apps, salads/soups, pasta, etc). So yes, they have a separate b'fast, lunch and dinner menus.

        2. An overall good experience. Tasty cuisine for the price you pay. The three times we've dined there, I think we've gone thru about half the menu by now. My favorites include the pear salad, duck confit, striped ravioli, and loco moco. I go elsewhere for dessert.