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Does anyone know of any places that serve good chorizo (tacos, burritos, etc)? I've only tried a few drive-thru's that serve awfully greasy ones. I don't mind greasy, but any good ones that you know of? They can be restaurants or drive-thrus. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I love chorizo. Just had a chorizo burrito tonight at The Burrito King - 2827 Hyperion Ave. in Silverlake. It was pretty good, not greasy. I've also had them at Burrito Express - 1597 E. Washington Blvd. in Pasadena. Lots of Chowhounds have mentioned a place in Santa Monica called Tacos Por Favor - 1408 Olympic Blvd. I've got to get over there. Where do you get yours? I'd go anywhere for some good chorizo - greasy or not.

    1. Tacos por Favor in Santa Monica on Olympic have a good chorizo and cheese taco.

      I had a good chorizo taco yesterday at El Tapatio in the West Valley - Victory & Fallbrook.

      1. Tacos Por Favor is at the S/E corner of Olympic at 14th in Santa Monica. True, Bandini (of The Taco Hunt blog) and other 'hounds have lauded their chorizo and cheese tacos. I tried one the first time I was there and found it to be tasty but too rich for my taste, at least that day. Since then I've stuck to their al pastor and carnitas tacos, very generous though the price now approaches $2 per. Why I keep returning to Tacos Por Favor is their delicious salsa roja on their salsa bar, my favorite on the westside, and their very friendly service. I need to give that chorizo and cheese another try.

        1. Thanks all! I haven't tried any of these! I've gone to a few burger take-out places for mine- that's probably why they weren't too great. I've eaten at places like Doublz. They do have very good Denny's style Hash Browns though for cheaper (especially good extra crispy). I have a never-revealed-before confession though: I love Jack in the Box's 2 for 99 cents tacos because they bear a slight resemblance to chorizo.

          1. Has anyone seen Tolucan green chorizo in LA?

            1. I'm partial to the chorizo at Guelaguetza, Palms and Seplulveda WLA. Not at all greasy, IMO.

              1. I had a good Taco King chorizo breakfast burrito last weekend out in Fontucky at the speedway. I know there's lots of Taco King's in the downtown area and some other areas, but I don't know if they serve breakfast all the time and don't know if they do chorizo tacos otherwise. It was good. Greasy but good. Like a breakfast burrito should be. Good frijoles too. Not those healthy things they give you at Baja Fresh.

                1. These three all have very good good chorizo but I would begin with Los Toros because you can go to the meat market next door and get some very good chips and salsa to take home.

                  Los Toros Meat Market (Inside the market – Chips, Salsa & guacamole to-go, The restaurant has some good chilaquiles, chorizo & eggs, rice & beans)
                  5225 Peck Rd
                  El Monte, CA 91732-1122
                  (626) 444-5757

                  El Matador 2
                  5312 Irwindale Ave.
                  Irwindale, CA 91706
                  (626) 338-2080

                  Tall Pines Coffee Shop (Cash only, Breakfast /lunch, beer on tap)
                  1540 S Myrtle Ave (1/2 block South of the 210 fry)
                  Monrovia, CA
                  (626) 358-9084

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                    One more place to try is the Pines. My son took the chance and tried the breakfast burrito this weekend at the Pines and selected chorizo and sausage as the meats. Bacon would also be a great selection because they used the best bacon (thick and flavorful) that I ever had. The rest of the day my son never noticed any after taste. I tried a small cut of his large burrito and agreed that it is one of L.A.s best breakfest burritos. This is the place to stop at when heading north/east out of L.A.

                    The Pines Cafe
                    4343 Pearblossom Hwy
                    Palmdale, CA

                  2. Not tacos or burritos.... but El Sazon Oaxaqueno (Venice Blvd near Centinela) has "Salsa de Chorizo".... good quality Oaxacan chorizo that is poached in a spicy dried chile based sauce.... then served sauce & all, with some beans & tortillas as a breakfast item.

                    1. It's greasy, but I love the chorizo at Chulada Grill on San Vicente and Hauser (Miracle Mile district). I'm not sure chorizo tacos are really on the menu, but they will make them if they have chorizo available. It goes perfect with their pico de gallo.

                      Tacos La Fonda, the truck that parks at night at the corner of Vineland and Vanowen in North Hollywood also has very good chorizo tacos. They also have some of the best tortillas in the city. Unfortunately, there are times when they are out of chorizo and there is no way of checking in advance.