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Feb 23, 2008 10:15 PM

Stevia vs Splenda?

Any opinions and/or experiences about using one or the other - Stevia versus Splebnda? Is one better tasting, more realistic in terms of resembling sugar, easier to use as a sugar replacement in recipes, in cooked foods, and the like? I exclude Equal and Aspartame, for obvious reasons.

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  1. I use stevia in tea and coffee and love it - a great natural alternative to artificial sweeteners. Haven't tried baking with it, but there should be information online if you Google it.

    1. i use both, but only use the plant leaves of stevia that my friend grows rather than the powder available at health food stores... the crumbled leaves are great for sweetening tea just a little. I haven't been brave enough to toy with cooking with it, although i threatened to boil up some leaves in water to create a "simple syrup" and see what i could do with it...

      1. do a search of the boards...this topic has been discussed quite extensively in various threads.

        stevia is a natural plant, while splenda is a manufactured artificial sweetener [much like equal, which, by the way is the same thing as aspartame].

        the taste and quality of stevia varies widely among brands & sources, and some people think it has an unpleasant aftertaste. i happen to like it - i'm partial to the KAL brand, or in a pinch, NOW Foods. i use it to sweeten my tea, and in cooked dishes that require sweetness without bulk. for those dishes that do require the bulk normally obtained from sugar, and for all my baking, i use agave nectar.

        i know a lot of people like splenda. personally i think it has a metallic, chemical aftertaste...and considering the wicked gastric distress i've suffered whenever i've tried it, i now avoid the stuff like the plague.

        to each his own.

        1. I have not tried baking with Stevia but have used it in salad dressings and other recipes with great results. Personally I won't touch anything with Splenda in it because it is so toxic to the body. If you want to check out the research go to the government PubMed site to read the facts.

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            I notice this is your first post (welcome to CH), for which you have revived a very old thread.

            Can you provide a specific link to info that supports your claims?

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              There are too many to cite (281 studies on PubMed alone). The latest findings are noting the increase in Sucralose in the water systems throughout China, Europe and the U.S. Apparently it is not removed through the water treatment plants and we are then subjected to it through our municipal water. Also, 15% of Sucralose consumed does not leave the body in that it is stored in our tissue and is not excreted through urine or perspiration. The latest study from Italy has linked Sucralose (Splenda) to an increase in Leukemia. If you check out the studies on PubMed you will find this data. Sorry to not site specifics but it is all there for your review.

          2. for my daily iced blended mochas, i've found the best-tasting sweetener to be a COMBINATION of:
            some real sugar.

            the combo is FAR FAR better than any of the phoney sugars used alone.