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Feb 23, 2008 08:03 PM

Vasterbotten Spotting (Swedish cheese)

After looking all over the city for Vasterbotten cheese, my wife found it right under our noses at Sahadi's. If you haven't tried it, Vasterbotten is a Swedish cow's milk cheese that's kind of a cross between an extra sharp cheddar and a Parmigiano Reggiano in flavor and texture. Give it a taste if you can find it.

Thanks Sahadi's for getting what Murray's, Fairway, Whole Foods, Stinky, and everywhere else I've asked about Vasterbotten couldn't or wouldn't. Let's just hope it's not a one time deal. Who knows, maybe this summer they'll be stacking cans of Surstromming...

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  1. That is very funny. Glad you found it. I tried, just out of curiosity, to surf the web to see if I could find it, but failed.
    As for the surströmming... as far as I am concerned, even if Sahadi's gets it, they can keep it ;-D

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    1. re: FoodWine

      there are a few places that sell it online - the vasterbotten that is, NOT the surstromming (as well as other Swedish foods):

      we have bought items from before and have been happy with the service, fyi.

      1. re: bothrops_asper

        Thanks! I used to love Messmör when I was young(er). Maybe I should chekc it out again.

        1. re: FoodWine

          Try surstromming w/ an unhealthy dose of alcohol. Do you remember that ssurstromming was a hangover cure in Helsinki? I used to buy it buy the large wooden buckets from the bows of the boats that came to the central market.

    2. FWIW - I think I saw that at the Nordic store in Bay Ridge last weekend, in case that is any more convenient for you.

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      1. re: MMRuth

        Good to know, the more options the better! thanks!

      2. I'm not sure about vasterbotten but Ikea carries a number of Swedish cheeses and other foods.

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        1. re: nmawhb

          Is there an Ikea in the "Outer Boroughs"?

          1. re: MMRuth

            Yes, there's an Ikea in Hickville, and a soon to be one in Red Hook (this summer i think?), hopefully with a well stocked pantry...

        2. Yes, IKEA (at least the one in Elizabeth) carries Vasterbotten.

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          1. re: MamaRosie

            And just FYI - the IKEA in Red Hook is scheduled to open in June (the 18th, I think I read).